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San Lou Fried Bee Hoon @ San Low Seafood Restaurant in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru 三楼海鲜


San Low Seafood 三楼海鲜 is one of the stalwarts of Johor’s larger, older seafood restaurants. The popular San Low restaurant is located at the junction of Jalan Biru and Jalan Merah in Taman Pelangi, just 10 minutes drive from JB CIQ.


One of the signature dishes here is their renowned San Lou fried bee hoon (rice vermicelli) 三楼炒米粉. This is not your usual stir and toss fried bee hoon. After the bee hoon is fried the usual way i.e. stirred and tossed, at San Low, the bee hoon is further “press fried” with a steel spatula on the intensely hot wok surface (wok hei 锅气 in Cantonese). This crucial final step sears the bee hoon, sealing in the sauces.


Getting it just right is an art. The bee hoon is only slightly charred - browning and crusting just the surface, leaving the sauces that infused the bee hoon intact.

The end result is the unique flavour and texture of San Lou fried bee hoon. The bee hoon is soft and yet the “press frying” gives San Lou fried bee hoon that added crispness, springiness and crunchiness not found in bee hoon fried the usual way.

Other than the “press frying”, the ingredients are rather unremarkable – just eggs, shrimps, slices of fish cake, slivers of chye sim (a leafy green vegetable), and the optional delicious lime and sambal.

This dish has been copied in other restaurants but it was supposedly invented here in San Low (from which this fried bee hoon dish got its name). San Lou fried bee hoon deserves to be the famous icon of Johor food that it is.

To savour this Johor icon costs only RM6 (2011  price).

I will definitely bring friends to experience this iconic Johor dish. (No review of their main seafood dishes as I have not had dinner here yet 😄 )



Restaurant name: San Low Seafood Restaurant 三楼海鲜
Address: Jalan Biru, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.472252,103.774795
Tel+607 332 3869
Hours: Daily
Non Halal


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Date visited: 31 Dec 2011


  1. haha..I managed to track this San Low rest down today. Taste is good but minus the lime and the auntie forgot to give me the sambal chilli...8(
    I tarpau for my wife back in SG and they put in the chilli pack. I told the auntie her mistake. She damn

    Price = RM5/plate...

    1. RM5/plate = SGD1.88 (exchange rate : 2.65), WOW so cheap................where to get in SINGAPORE????????????? Looks yummy yummy nei..............

  2. LOL Mike you got RM1 discount ;D Check out the others next time ;D More coming.

  3. Went there in April for dinner with a friend. We ordered the pan fried beehoon, potato leaves and sambal cockels.

    Service by one of the auntie is not friendly (more like not motivated to work or "bo chap" attitude). We intend to try other dishes besides the "must have" beehoon and came across this carrot noodle dish on the menu. We tried to enquire more on this dish and she just respond "carrot noodle is carrot lo". Didn't like her respond so we settled with what we ordered previously.

    1. Beehoon - Very small portion for 2 pax. I had to order another plate again. Ingredients not evenly distributed, two plates we ordered contains more vegetable's stem rather than leaves.

    2. Potato leaves - Had to send back to kitchen again as there is no taste (no salt), came back and the taste is still the same.

    3. Sambal cockels - Not fresh, most of the meat are stuck to the shells.

    We only finished the beehoon as we were really hungry, the rest we didn't even touch after taking a few bites.

    * Sambal is good


  4. I think Ah Meng Restaurant does the best San Lou beehoon. Expect indifferent or even rude (and slow at peak hours) service here

  5. Visited San Lou beehoon on 10 August 2014. The service is really very rude and indifferent. They simply not entertain you when you enquire about your dishes. I told myself and of course all my friends not to patronize them anymore. Very Very poor service attitude and pround.

  6. Hi! By any chance do you guys know if this this restaurant is still at the same place address? Thanks much.

  7. Service staffs (most aunties there) Super bad attitude.

  8. Another over-rated place to avoid ..Basically ah jiu and ah meng beat this place hands down in terms of taste and value.. Sometimes I always wonder why this place is even famous? Maybe famous for their bad services??


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