Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Eataly NYC New York

Today, I walked from the Financial District heading north along Broadway Avenue towards Empire State Building. It was a two hour leisurely walk, stopping now and then to snap pictures of the beautiful shops and heritage buildings along Broadway Avenue.

By the time, I reached Empire State Building, I was hungry and thirsty, and badly needed to cool my tired heels.


Fortunately, Eataly Cafe NYC was nearby along Fifth Avenue.


Eataly NYC is near the famous Empire State Building at the junction of 5th Avenue and 33rd Street. NYC is working on making itself a bicycling city.


Eataly NYC is right across the road from the beautiful Flatiron Building, another New York City icon.


Eataly is like a foodies playground or wonderland with an Italian theme. Eataly is a sprawling food court, bar, cafe, gelato parlour, candy shop, cake shop, fine dining restaurant, supermarket, department store (for kitchen equipment), fruit market, fish market, butchery, wine shop, book shop and more - Eataly is many things all in one with everything dedicated to Italian food.

When I first entered and made my first quick survey around the hugh eatery Eataly, it was jaw dropping, eye popping amazing.

It's an Italian cuisine theme park.

As it was lunchtime, Eataly was full house.

As I was feeling famish and tired, I quickly settled on a focaccia from the Focacciera section. It's a casual pick up and go counter, so the queue cleared quickly at this lunch hour. Exactly what I needed at this time.


The olive and herb flavoured focaccia bread wrapped thin slices of savoury parma ham, juicy fresh tomato slices, and generous rocket greens.

The hefty focaccia surely filled me quickly in a very agreeable way.


For dessert, I went to the gelato bar. There were a dozen flavours and I opted for a medium cone with a scoop each of my favourities, hazelnut and pistachio gelato. The gelato was soft, creamy and sweet.

I got myself a large cuppa from LavAzza cafe to chill before setting out to explore Eataly.

The foamy cappuccino was medium bodied and mildly savoury sweet with a mild aftertaste. Personally, I like my cappuccino with more body and deeper flavours.

I finished my meal rather quickly as I was excited to start exploring Eately's many fascinating sections :-D

Making pasta at the pasta station.


The cheese section.


The freshly made pizzas were baked in wood fired ovens.


A freshly baked pizza.


You can even get truffles at Eataly.

The fresh fish section.


The espresso machine at LavAzza cafe.


The premium coffee section for your espresso fix.

I enjoyed myself at Eataly and shall be back to try their spaghetti and risotto, my favourite Italian dishes.

Eataly is an experience not to be missed by visiting foodies. It's a friendly, comfortable, causal place to enjoy and learn about Italian cuisine.

This place makes every visitor leave Eataly an Italian food fan.


Restaurant name: Eataly NYC
Address: 200 5th Ave, NYC, New York
Hours: 8:00am to 11:00pm
Tel: (212) 229-2560

Date visited: 24 Nov 2014

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