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V6 Food Court Ah Boy Chicken Rice near Yew Tee MRT Singapore

Makan buddy Croc King Tony Tee alerted us to this humble chicken rice stall at Choa Chu Kang Crescent near Yew Tew MRT station in Singapore. Singapore Celebrity Chef Eric Teo posted in his Facebook Page that this "Ah Boy Chicken Rice" is one his personal favourites in Singapore.

Fortunately, I was on an errant nearby today, so it was the right time to check out this chicken rice stall.

It sure brightened my day.


As I was alone, I ordered this single person portion poached chicken rice with extra chicken liver hehehe ..... It came to SGD3.50 which I felt was reasonable.

The lady boss was very friendly and polite. She was wishing every customer Happy New Year. I was a total stranger and she wished me just as warmly as a regular customer.

Look at the nice plating. There was so much pride in the food they served.


The chicken breast meat was tender. The meat was not stringy or fibrous but smooth and moist. Not much flavouring sauce was used, so I am able to taste the chicken flavour. I like the taste of chicken flavour in my chicken rice.

For customers who prefer more intense flavourings, and many do, the stall provides sesame oil and house blended soy sauce which customers are welcome to help themselves to.

Chicken breast is probably the hardest part of a chicken to get right because without much, if any fat, it is generally fibrous and bland unless skilfully prepared.

After this small sampling, I can't wait to come back with the eat gang to try out a whole chicken; thighs, drumsticks, wings, bishop's nose and all.


The chicken liver was nicely done too. Clean tasting, tender and creamy with the distinct liver flavour.


The rice made with mostly quality grains was lightly flavoured and aromatic with chicken flavour, loose, had a soft nutty bite and not overly greasy.

The little clump of achar (pickled vegetables) side was fresh, juicy and nicely balanced sweet, salty and tangy. I like this achar (and dislike the overly sour type that makes me cringe ;-p ).


The chicken rice comes with a small bowl of simple and nice soup. Today, it's black bean soup. Other days it could be Szechuan vegetable soup, cabbage soup and others.


The simple chili sauce was a blend of tangy, sweet, slightly salty and had a quite sharp spicy sting.

As it was not yet the busy lunch time when I finished my meal, I took the opportunity to speak with the friendly boss.


Friendly Mr. Chai hails from Kluang (Johor, Malaysia). He had worked in the kitchens of Raffles Hotel and Concorde Hotel in Singapore before striking out on his own 8 years ago to start this chicken rice stall.


This chicken rice stall is inside V6 Food Court which is actually a kopitiam.


I came back to V6 Ah Boy chicken rice a few more times with more kakis (buddies).

The quality had been consistently high. The chicken was always tender, juicy and flavoursome.


V6 Food Court at Blk 678A Choa Chu Kang Crescent is about 10 minutes walking distance from Yew Tee MRT station.


Sexy right? This simple looking but high quality chicken rice.

When I previously lived in Choa Chu Kang, I used to grumble that there is not much good food here hehehe ;-p

Can't really say that anymore.....

I'll be back for more.

Next time, if I am alone again, I will order the SGD4 set that comes with leafy greens. Better still, if I come with makan kakis, I want to try their whole chicken ;-D.

Restaurant name : Ah Boy Chicken Rice Stall (at V6 Food Court)

Address : Blk 678A, Choa Chu Kang Crescent, Singapore.
GPS: 1.401471, 103.744712
Hours : 7:30 am to 8:00 pm (Closed on alternate Thurs).
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert.

Date visited: 24 Feb 2015, 28 Feb 2015, 12 Apr 2015

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