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Restoran HW Wanton Mee for Supper @ Bangkok Spa Pelangi JB 海威雲吞面


Many JB buddies have been telling me about this popular supper time wanton mee shop near Bangkok Spa in Taman Maju Jaya (near Pelangi). Restoran HW Wanton Mee opens 9 to 5 - I mean 9pm to 5am 😄 It's a favourite haunt of JB's night owls.


This was the crowd at 9:30pm last night. It gets more crowded during the wee hours.

Owner Mr. Chan hails from Ipoh and set up HW Wanton Mee two years ago. Chan's family had been selling Ipoh chicken hor fun and wanton mee back in their hometown. HW just focusses on wanton mee. They have a JB supplier to make the egg noodles to their specification.


HW originally just have the "black" sauce type of wanton mee which is the style in Ipoh. I didn't try it this time round - shall try it during the next visit.


I had instead the "white" which Mr. Chan developed for JB and Singaporean palates. It comes with a mound of egg noodles topped with char siew slices, stalks of blanched choy sum greens and a semi circle piece of fried wanton skin.


The char siew (BBQ pork slices) were the usual lean and slightly dry type.

I tossed and folded the egg noodles in the "white" sauce with a little bit of chili (the way I like my wanton mee).

The white sauce was gently savoury sweet with spicy heat at the end. I love this blend of flavours which is undergirded by sweetness from lard.

The egg noodles were relatively light. They were slightly overdone, soft but still had a gentle spring to the bite. If the noodles were done a bit firmer, it would be wonderful for me. The sweetish noodles taste good from the savoury sweet spicy flavours clinging to the slender strands.

Overall, when the well tossed noodles were eaten with the char siew the flavours leaned slightly on the sweet side with a some savouriness and spicy heat. It is quite likeable.


Pieces of soft crispy crunchy lard crackling embedded in the noodles.


Crispy fried wanton skin added a bit of crunch to the generally softer textures in the wanton mee.


The soup was mildly savoury sweet with familiar anchovy taste and aroma. The wanton skin was slippery soft wrapping a soft knob of minced pork and fat seasoned with a bit of sesame seed oil, in the old way. They were delicious.


👉 HW Tan Mee serves a good wanton mee - it's a good place to go in JB if you have midnight cravings for food.


Restaurant: Restoran HW Tan Mee
Address 68, Jalan Abiad, Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru (beside Bangkok Spa)
GPS1°28'57.6"N 103°46'10.2"E | 1.482663, 103.769493
Waze: Bangkok Spa
Tel019-755 9355
Hours: 9:00pm - 5:00am (Monday off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 4 May 2018

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  1. At RM7 for a small plate on wanton me and RM7.50 for a small bowl of dumplings soup, it can be considered more expensive than other wanton mee places until you consider they open for night owls. The peppery dumplings soup is good. The wanton mee has a runbbery spring to it but tastewise is unremarkable


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