Saturday, 16 June 2018

Mama Noodle Cafe Ipoh 怡保 | 老妈子秘制米浆老鼠粉

When I exited the North South Expressway at Ipoh, the first thing I did was to pull over at the first row of shophouses to ask for good food tips. Local folks were helpful and friendly as always. I asked for their favourite kai si hor fun (chicken noodles was my first target) and the gentleman punched in "Moon De Moon" in my Waze App.

Waze took me to Moon De Moon, but my heart sank when I saw the coffee shop closed, as it was their off day 😞

A bit disappointed that Moon De Moon was closed, I walked down the row of shops and stumbled upon this corner coffee shop Mama Noodle Cafe 老妈子秘制米浆老鼠粉 with many locals having their breakfast.

As I didn't want to waste my limited stomach space on a so-so first meal in Ipoh, I took a while to pore over the menu. By the time I decided, I got the last serving of their signature hand made lou shi fun (rat tail noodle) for the day. I was so lucky 😄 Lou shi fun usually sells out by 10am.

My happy meal set for this trip to Ipoh - signature lou shi fun with crispy pork and pork / fish balls (RM6), and a cup of Ipoh white coffee.

The tasty broth had medium body with gentle savoury sweetness and subtle underlying pepperiness.

The stubby lou shi fun (rat tail noodle) was made with 100% rice. Its texture was subtly grainy and felted like compressed rice (which it was) with light tender firmness and a slight bounce. I could taste the natural rice flavour in the rat tail noodles.

There was a handful of crunchy, juicy fresh bean sprouts in the bowl.

The Hakka style fried pork was crisp outside and tender inside. The taste of fermented tofu (nam yue) marinade was robust and there was lup cheong (Cantonese waxed sausage) flavour in the fried pork. It was nice.

This tender juicy dong cai pork cake 冬菜肉饼 had bits of preserve turnip inside. It reminded me of the meat cakes my grandma and mum made at home. Needless to say, I love it.

The house made pork and fish ball was tender, moist, gently savoury sweet. Nice.

Mama Noodle uses white coffee supplied by Chang Jiang which is one of the popular local brands in Ipoh. The coffee was nicely brewed and prepared.

Barry and wife, Ah Yee used to run a hawker stall in a coffee shop in Bercham before they moved here in Taman Mirindi, 2 years ago to set up their own shop.

👉 Mama Noodle Cafe is a convenient first stop in Ipoh, away from the congested city centre - a good break before checking in downtown. Relaxed local atmosphere. Earnest service, nice food (I tried only the lou shi fun) and reasonable pricing too. Plenty of easy street side parking. Have to be early (before 10am) for lou shi fun.

I ordered only one dish this round. Will be back at Mama Noodle Cafe to try out their many other dishes.

Restaurant name: Mama Noodle Cafe 老妈子
Address: 132, Hala Wah Keong, Taman Mirindi, Ipoh, Perak 
GPS 4°37'20.3"N 101°06'20.6"E | 4.622296, 101.105714
Waze: Mama noodle cafe
Tel+60 16 591 7188
Hours: 7:00am - 12:00pm

Date visited: 5 Jun 2018

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