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Monday, 11 June 2018

Ipoh People's Favourite Roast Pork - Chee Kong @ First Kwong Chow 浙江烧肉

Coming to Ipoh where the majority of the Chinese community here are Cantonese, tasting Ipoh's Cantonese roasts is a Must. When we asked Ipoh locals for Cantonese roasts recommendations, most folks pointed us to Chee Kong at First Kwong Chow in Taman Pertama.

First Kwong Chow Restaurant is a corner coffee shop in a laid back residential district away from the tourist belt. The coffee shop was grimey, slightly dingy and weathered - it's an authentic, go local foodie experience.

All the stalls at First Kwong Chow were closed except for the drinks and Chee Kong roasts stall which operates from 2pm - 5pm.

The roasts stall had char siew (roast meat), siew yok (roast belly), siew cheong (roast sausages), and roast knuckles hanging on display. They also had braised items like eggs, tofu and pig snout, ears, intestines, tails etc.

The roasts were all freshly roasted. There was a steady stream of customers at 4pm, so turn over was fast. All were take away customers, probably buying roasts for dinner at home. We tourists were the only ones eating in.

We were on a whole day food trail, which was physically taxing and our tummies were already stretched beyond its capacity. So, we just had a sampling of siew yok, siew cheong and char siew. The food came quickly in an unceremonious heap - not much attention was paid to plating and presentation. There was no garnish either 😂😂 We were given sharpened skinny bamboo sticks (satay sticks) to poke and eat our food.

Couldn't remember much about the char siew (too lean) or siew cheong (too greasy), but I like First Kwong Chow's Chee Kong siew yok a lot.

The golden skin was wasn't too thick and it was crackly brittle. Some other famous siew yok skin are thick crispy "powdery" which I don't like but the texture of Chee Kong's siew yok skin was like thin caramelised biscuit. I prefer this.

There was just the right amount of juicy fat with the moist meat and the savoury seasoning was at just the right intensity for me. I could taste a bit of the fresh pork's natural sweetness. (Most of the famous siew yok I tried elsewhere tended to be more salty than I like - Chee Kong's was just right for me.)

👉 If you like to try Ipoh people's favourite siew yok, take a short drive out of the tourist belt to First Kwong Chow. The siew yok is memorably tasty. The place is a bit off the beaten track but worth the trouble, especially if you are a siew yok fan.

Restaurant name: Chee Kong (stall in First Kwong Chow)
Address59 Lorong 11, Lebuh First Garden, Taman Pertama, Ipoh, Perak
GPS4°35'57.4"N 101°03'28.1"E 4.599290, 101.057796
Waze: Chee Kong Roast Pork
Tel: 012 5235223
Hours: 2:00pm - 5:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 6 Jun 2018

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