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Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Super Lobster Restaurant a Worthy Alternative in Sg Rengit 龍皇海鮮樓

Superior Broth Lobsters

I haven't been back to Sg Rengit for lobsters for over 3 years. After trying various lobster places there, I concluded that on balance Jade Garden Seafood Corner was the safest bet. But, I have continued looking for alternatives. This trip, I think I found a worthy alternative in Super Lobster Restaurant 龍皇海鮮樓.

Live Spiny Lobsters

Truth be told, we actually wanted to check in at Jade Garden first since we had not been back for years. But, it was closed today (Monday), so we did what we always do - ask locals for recommendations.

We checked with a few local folks and all of them pointed us to Super Lobster 龍皇海鮮樓, so Super Lobster it will be today.

Super Lobster a Worthy Alternative to Jade Garden in Sg Rengit 龍皇海鮮樓

Finding Super Lobster Restaurant was easy as it is directly opposite tiny Sungai Rengit town's KFC outlet. Sg Rengit had developed rapidly due to the mega oil and gas projects and mega resort in Desaru nearby. The previously sleepy old town lost a bit most of its old charm and rustic feel. The surrounding roads were dusty and gritty with lots of construction related vehicles.

Live Spiny Lobsters

Live local spiny lobsters. Checked.

Live Crabs

Live local mud crabs. Checked.

Super Lobster a Worthy Alternative to Jade Garden in Sg Rengit 龍皇海鮮樓

Super Lobster is a large restaurant spanning 3 shop lots. It is popular with locals and people who work around Sungai Rengit. Besides lobsters, I saw many people having their working day meal here. (Their fried rice seemed popular but today was lobster and crab day 😄 )

Superior Broth Lobster

Super Lobster Restaurant has 11 different preparations of lobsters such as butter, salted egg, steamed, baked, black pepper, spicy chili, red wine etc. For our first visits, we always go for the restaurant's "Superior Broth" 上汤龙虾 preparation (known as "Special Soup" at Super Lobster). 

Lobster prices are of course seasonal. Today, the large 大龙 (actually medium) lobsters cost RM210 per kilo. ("Giant" size 巨龙 is actually just large.)

Superior Broth Lobster

Super Lobster's "Superior" or "Special" sauce is thick and tasted gently sweet and herbal with notes of Chinese cooking wine 绍兴酒 and underlying flavour of fresh lobster. 

Superior Broth Lobster

The lobster meat was oh... so... tender and delicately crunchy with a light spring. It was naturally sweet and clean tasting, the way live spiny lobsters taste.

Chili Crab

辣子螃蟹 Chili Crab - the delicate live crab meat tasted clean and sweet.

Super Lobster's chili crab sauce was thick and tasted a little like nasi lemak sambal chili - it was savoury sweet spicy with a bit of egginess from the egg blended into the sauce.

Fried Buns

The golden fried buns were slightly crisp outside and fluffy soft inside. The sweet buns were perfect for sponging up the chili crab sauce.

Butter Prawns

The butter prawns 奶油虾 could have been even better if the prawns were more fresh.

Stir Fried Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat stir fried with spring onion, onion, garlic and savoury sauce.

Stir Fried Ostrich Meat

The ostrich meat was lean and tender but fibrous and chewy. The flavour was nicely savoury with accents from the ginger, onion and spring onion.

Luo Han Chai Stir Fried Vegetables

Luo Han Chai 罗汉斎, a stir fried mix vegetable dish rounded up our lunch.

Super Lobster a Worthy Alternative to Jade Garden in Sg Rengit 龍皇海鮮樓

Our total bill came to RM390.

Superior Broth Lobsters

👉 Super Lobster Restaurant 龍皇海鮮樓 in Sg Rengit is worth a try for their live lobster and crab dishes. Locals also recommended their crayfish and house made tofu dishes but these were not available during our visit. (Worth checking out if you are visiting nearby Desaru which is less than 30 minutes drive away.)

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Super Lobster a Worthy Alternative to Jade Garden in Sg Rengit 龍皇海鮮樓

Restaurant name: Super Lobster 龍皇海鮮樓
Address: 7,9,11 Jalan Jenahak 1, Sungai Rengit, Pengerang, Johor
GPS1°21'18.5"N 104°13'40.8"E 🌐 1.355135, 104.228001
Tel: 07 8246 108
Hours: 11:00am - 10:00pm

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 22 Oct 2018

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