Thursday, 14 June 2012

Sin Hock Guan 新福源 Mee Pok Tah @ Kakilang Coffee Shop in Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Whenever I am at any food court and could not find anything that I fancy, mee pok tah always comes to my rescue, and has never failed me. My daughter who was away in school for four years, came home and the food she misses is mee pok tah. And, I have friends who keep asking me the same question, "Where to find good mee pok tah in Johor Bahru"?

I found a good one, Kiang Kee in Taman Permas Jaya, and today I found another, Sin Hock Guan 新福源 in Taman Maju Jaya.

See that large block of ice used to keep the bean sprouts fresh?
It is details like this that make the difference.

Mdm Lim beaming with quiet confident pride

Sin Hock Guan 新福源 is run by a husband and wife team, the Lims, for the past 60 years. Mdm Lim cooks this traditional Teochew comfort food the same way she had been doing for the last 6 decades. It takes that special feel and expertise that can only come with years of experience to produce that characteristic QQ texture (al dente) in the noodles.

The QQ mee pok noodles were saturated with the spicy and slightly tangy sauce.

For RM6, we get a bowl of mee pok noodles in spicy sauce and a bowl of flavourful pork soup loaded with pork, liver, shrimps, handmade fish balls, fish dumplings and greens.

This is the favourite item that Sin Hock Guan's loyal following raves about. The super smooth and tender fresh handmade fish dumpling or hee kiaw 鱼饺 - not the rough and coarse kind we often get elsewhere. I don't know where else to find hee kiaw 鱼饺 this good.

Sin Hock Guan 新福源, old style mee pok tah prepared and served with the same pride and dedication for the last 60 years.

Ms Peggy Loh of the New Straits Times has written a nice article about the Lims' beautiful story. (The Lims have 8 grandchildren today J)

Restaurant name: Sin Hock Guan 新福源 (stall inside Kakilang coffee shop)
Address: Jalan Abiad 1, Taman Maju Jaya
GPS: 1.482528,103.767108
Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 12 Jun 2012


  1. The mee pok tah is definitely something new for me. I've never seen anything like this in KL.

  2. Ah yes, mee pok tah is a Teochew comfort food. JB has a large Teochew community and has many eateries featuring distintive, traditional Teochew cuisine. (I am Cantonese ;D)

  3. of course ah seng, lau di, ah ngiap my fav... there's another one which is not bad in tmn century, jln dato sulaiman a few doors down from bak cheng bkt (operated by his grand daughters) in tmn century near plaza dnp


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