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CLOSED 葉记云吞面 Flying Wanton Mee 飞面 in Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Bahru (Closed)

CLOSED. Looking at this gold hued, glowing ball of wanton noodles makes my mouth water.

The friendly towkay, Bernard Koo, has been serving happy customers this delicious wanton noodles and entertaining them with his flying style of cooking wanton mee for 23 years. Bernard said, his unique cooking style is his way of expressing his passion for wanton noodles - in the same way as musicians play muscial instruments like the guitar and piano as a form of joyful self expression.

Let's watch Bernard having fun.

The performance begins with blending the lard, sesame oil, soy and chili sauce for the bowl of wanton noodles.

Bernard then unbundled and loosened up the ball of noodles which he made himself everyday using only higher grade wheat flour and fresh eggs.

The ball of noodles was blanched in the steel pot of piping hot water.

Bernard then gave the blanched noodles a quick rinse in a steel pot of cool water.

Bernard dunked the noodles in piping hot water a second time, making artistic splashes. The rhythmic sound of the wire mesh ladle and ball of noodles smacking the water was music to my ears, and I think, to Bernard's too.  

Look at the bliss and joy on Bernard's face. He was working and playing, and obviously having fun, all at once J Don't we all want to experience, work and life in the same way?

Suddenly, Bernard executed a sharp and powerful flick with a twist of his arm and wrist, and like a champion badminton player, shot the ball of noodles high into the air. Bernard's eyes, followed the flying ball of noodles like an eagle.

The soaring ball of noodles at the top of its flight.

What goes up, must come down. Catching the ball of noodles as it returned to earth.

The flamboyant Bernard twirled the wire mesh ladle like a marching band drum major, to celebrate yet another safe landing of wanton noodles.

Bernard gave the noodles a vigorous toss and stir in the blended sauce. Even this final step was executed with gusto and immense concentration.

Doesn't this simple and humble RM4 bowl of wanton noodles look like a piece of art? Did it tasted as good as it looked? Oh, yes. The slender noodles felt heavy and rich with eggs. This is among the crunchiest wanton noodels that I have tasted. They were deliciously coated with the blended fragrant sauce of lard, sesame, soy and chili paste. The noodles were topped with slices of tasty char siew which Bernard made at home using charcoal fire.

MRS Koo makes the delicious wantons at the stall.

I like to be here early to grab a front row seat before showtime starts at 5:00pm to watch the flying wanton noodle maestro in exhilarating, high energy action.

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The video of Bernard's high flying performance edited by my friend Paige Tan. If you like to watch and taste more flying wanton noodles, you may also like to check out 吉纪 in Taman  Pelangi.
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葉记云吞面 Flying Wanton Mee was featured on the excellent Fatbook 非食不可 programme.

Restaurant name: 葉记云吞面 (飞面) Flying Wanton Noodles @ Restoran Khong Kee
Address: Jalan Bakawali 13, Taman Johor Jaya, Johor Baru
GPS: 1.543006,103.793667
Hours: 5:00pm to 11:00pm (closed on Tuesdays)
Non Halal
Date visited: 28 Jun 2012.

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  1. WOW it sounds so interesting. Thanks for the step by step photos too. There is a similar one in PJ, but I havent visited before.

  2. LOL glad you enjoyed it. These passionate hawkers are amazing and inspiring ;D

  3. Did the noodle hit the ceiling????

  4. I was watching Bernard for nearly 2 hours. Didn't see the noodle hit the ceiling ;D

  5. There's a famous chicken rice stall there too,just opposite the tyre garage!!! YUM!!

  6. Noodles surely hits the ceiling. Unlucky patrons. Look at the ceiling for the hit marks. Also note that after tossing the noodle it goes straight to the bowl. Whatever show doesn't justify food contamination.

  7. @muiszush, not sure where you're from. but i believe that there's always some kind or some way of food contamination in the food you buy and/or eat at hawker centres, food courts, restaurants, etc... It's just that you can't see what they are doing, cuz they are preparing the food in the "staff only" kitchen. At least this store, he openly cooks the food, i think if u see the noodle hit the ceiling, u can ask him to make another one. :)

  8. To me, the noodle actually 'slap' to the ceiling was simply unhygienic, and it really doesn't taste better with the emulsion paint lol... RC69

  9. Owner is retiring. new cook taking over. no more flying style

  10. Well for those who comment that the noodles hit the ceiling... I have been eating this wanton noodle since like 15 years ago and no food contamination happened so far....

  11. I hv been eating his noodles for the past 15 years. Never had any health problems!

  12. yup famous chicken rice opposite, Liang Baru chicken rice. its a must try!!

  13. I have been eating at his shop for 10 years. No problem. You can can forget about visiting here as the owner has already retired.


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