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Johor Famous Food in Foodie Blogger 爱食客 Series Hosted by Coby Chong 庄可比 on NTV 7

Last Christmas was a special and memorable one for me. And, that was a Christmas I spent away from all my family and friends. I spent it all working very hard and with perfect strangers. But, it was one of my best Christmas :)
You see, I was together with popular, award winning artiste Coby Chong and the crew of NTV 7, filming the premiere episode of the TV series Foodie Blogger 爱食客.
NTV 7 producer Kuan went through my Johor Kaki blog and picked four representative stalls for the Foodie Blogger premiere episode featuring Johor. We spent Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day filming this episode. (I waited till now before posting about this for confidentiality reasons.)
Coby and crew drove from KL to JB on Christmas Eve, arriving at about 2:00pm.
Without a break, we went straight to Ah Kiang's 亚坚 mee pok tah 面薄干 shop in Permas Jaya.
Ah Kiang's mee pok tah had the same untidy look with sauce spluttered all over the bowl even though it was going on TV. But, hey, it was that same old style taste for the past decades that brought Ah Kiang fame, life long customers and the TV crew, all the way from KL.
After completing filming at Ah Kiang's, we drove to Stulang Laut to film the opening sequence of the Foodie Blogger series. The Customs jetty, Causeway and Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint are in the background.
The next day, Christmas day, we got up early and by 9:00am we were at the famous kway teow kia 果条仔 stall in Taman Tasek. This is the stall owner, Mr Lee, with Coby.
Coby Chong interviewing customers having breakfast at Taman Tasek kway teow kia, asking what keeps them coming back for more for so many years.
The gentleman on the left and his friend from KL have been enjoying Taman Tasek kway teow kia for over twenty years.
Next, we drove to Taman Ungku Tun Aminah to film Wah Cai's famous durian puff stall. This is Wah Cai and his mum with Coby.
The awesome tasting durian puffs that made Wah Cai famous.
On Boxing Day, we were at Hiap Joo Bakery at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee in downtown JB. This is Coby trying his hand with Hiap Joo's famous 90 year old wood fired oven. Coby is a quick study and quite deft actually.
Hiap Joo's oh.. so.. soft and spongy, sweet, all natural banana cake.
Hiap Joo's hottest seller, their coconut bun. Moist sweet coconut fibres wrapped in a sweet fluffy soft bun with smokey tasting browned skin. No wonder, this hot cake sells!
The hectic three days of filming went very well, without a hitch. The weather was good, perfect for filming throughout. I was worried about getting vertigo attacks during those three crucial days (I am prone to vertigo lately) and thank goodness, I was well and fresh throughout :)
The premiere episode featuring Johor hawkers was telecasted in Mandarin on 17 Mar 2013 at 6:00pm on Malaysia NTV 7.
Watch Johor hawkers on national TV by clicking on the above picture.
Click on the links below, if you like to read more about the featured hawkers:

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  1. While reading your post, it makes me smile. It looks like you have full of fun of your travel and food trip adventure, eating some delicious food, meeting lots of people and more. I enjoyed much of it. Keep it up. :)


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