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Newton Roast in Singapore Newton Food Centre


I was invited to a group tasting session at Newton Roast at Newton Food Centre in Singapore, today. This was also Newton Roast's official launch.


Newton Roast is a hawker stall in Singapore's famous Newton Food Centre.

Newton Roast specialises in premium German style roasts. The hawker stall now offers Schweinshaxe or German pork knuckle at SGD39.90 each and roast pork belly known as Six-pack at SGD33.90. 


Casey, one of the partners at Newton Roast was a pioneer IT professional with a passion for F & B. After 30 years in IT, Casey finally took the leap into F & B with Newton Roast.

Not surprisingly with Casey's IT background, Newton Roast has an easy to use pre-ordering system from their website. You can book your roast and come to the stall at the appointed time to enjoy your order straight from the oven.




Chef Gideon, the operations chief at Newton Roast has many years under his belt at an established German restaurant in Singapore.

We tasted Newton Roast's signature Six-pack and pork knuckle.


Newton Roast's signature Six-pack, so named because the slab looked like a set of well developed abs with most of the fat driven out during high heat roasting.


The Six-pack was cut into these dainty nibble size pieces to be eaten elegantly with fine toothpicks.

If you are like me who like to enjoy my roast pork in hefty hearty chunks to be stabbed with forks or grabbed with greasy fingers, we can just ask Gideon and he would gladly oblige i.e chop the pork into large chunks.


The pieces of belly pork were slightly dry - lean and taut like the good six-pack I used to have :P  There was little fat left in the belly pork. There were bits of bony cartilage embedded in the meat which were soft and crunchy - I like. The skin was very crispy. I and everyone around me were enjoying the crispy crunchy skin. 

The flavour of the marinate was mild and there was also very little sign of porkiness. Whereas, German roasts are often very salty, here at Newton Roast it was just mildly salty.

Gideon said that customers can adjust the saltiness of the meat to their preference by dipping it in the savoury brown sauce.

I did exactly that and found myself eating piece after piece of belly pork to go with my beer and wine.

It is very easy to over indulge as the gentle flavour, leanness of the meat and crackle of the skin can be addictive. 


The Schweinshaxe or German style roasted pork knuckle flavoured with a secret house blended marinade.

The skin was so crispy, it bloomed like a golden fried cauliflower.


Same mild flavours, slightly dry texture, and crispy crackly skin.


I enjoyed the golden brown skin so much that I was hopping from table to table, pinching these crunchy gold crackers from other's plates.


I am not a big fan of sauerkraut (fermented sour cabbage) or anything sour for that matter. The ladies around me, however, enjoyed this homemade 
sauerkraut a lot.


After the tasting session proper, Casey brought out this yet to be launched slab of roast belly pork for us to preview. It will be juicier than the Six-pack.

The large slab of pork belly roast was so perfectly done, it looked surreal, don't you think? 

I can't wait for Newton Roast to launch this.


Dining at Newton Food Centre is casual, free seating, open air, al fresco style. You can order what you like from any of the stalls and have an impromptu pot luck party back at your table.

Here you can enjoy your Schweinshaxe with freshly pressed sugar cane juice from the juice stall, beer from the coffee stall or bring your own wine (and, no one will bother you about corkage :D ). 

We may debate if this is the best Schweinshaxe but I think we can all agree that Newton Roast at Newton Food Centre is an unique place to enjoy premium German roasts. 


Restaurant name: Newton Roast
Address: Stall #01-51, Newton Food Centre, Clemenceau Ave, Singapore (steps away from Newton MRT station)
GPS: 1.311823,103.839195
Hours: 5:00pm to 1:00am
Non Halal

Date visited: 24 May 2014

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  1. Tony, I bring you to Bedok for good German pork knuckle cooked by an experience chef at very affordable price, below $20/-.

    1. Yes yes I wanted to try this for a long time :D Thanks!


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