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Top 10 Best Singapore Food Blogs


Choosing Singapore's best food blogs, or the best of anything is a highly subjective, even contentious matter. 

Everyone will have a different opinion.

Here is a list of the best Singapore food blogs, according to their Alexa Traffic Rankings, which is derived by estimates of their viewership.

Alexa ranks the many, many millions of websites in the world. The higher the number of visits a website enjoys, the lower is it's Alexa Traffic Rank. 

For example, the most visited website in the world has the Alexa Traffic Rank 1.

You can easily check the Alexa Traffic Rank of any blog by going to

So, here it is, the Top 10 most popular food blogs in Singapore, based on estimated viewership (i.e. raw traffic score only).

For this list, a food blog is defined as one where at least 60% of it's content are food reviews.

(You can click on the banners to view the blogs.)

 Rank 1
Alexa Traffic Rank 44,018

Rank 2
Alexa Traffic Rank 149,030
 Rank 3
Alexa Traffic Rank 157,932

Rank 4
Alexa Traffic Rank 192,115
 Rank 5
Alexa Traffic Rank 216,726
 Rank 6
Alexa Traffic Rank 251,289
 Rank 7
Alexa Traffic Rank 345,932

 Rank 8
Alexa Traffic Rank 439,223
 Rank 9
Alexa Traffic Rank 459,420
 Rank 10
Alexa Traffic Rank 482,487
  Rank 11
Alexa Traffic Rank 487,668
  Rank 12
Alexa Traffic Rank 497,912

Research Notes

The ideal, reliable way to judge various blogs' popularity is to compare their page views and number of unique visitors over a set period of time.

This is usually not possible as such information is not readily shared. Even so, such statistics do not tell us much about the quality or credibility of the blogs' content - just the raw number of views and visitors.

Without, page view and unique visitor information, Alexa ranking is often used by PR agencies and advertisers to assess a blog. 

One of the strong points of Alexa is that it not only provides a ranking based on estimated page visits, it also assesses the blogs' content by their quality. 

Alexa assesses a site's quality with the following proxies:
  1. Measuring a blog's bounce rate i.e. % of readers who leave a blog without reading it's content, for example, by leaving within a few seconds. This measurement is useful as it shows up the high bounce rate sites with visitors that do not actually read the site's content.
  2. How many pages does an average reader read after arriving at a blog. More pages read is used as an indication of higher quality content.
  3. How long does an average reader stay upon arriving at a blog. Longer stays is an indication of better content.
A more accurate assessment of a blog's quality/ credibility would include these 3 factors, in addition to raw traffic numbers.

Nevertheless, Alexa ranking is not perfect. 

One of Alexa's limitations is that it counts mainly the number of views by readers who have installed the Alexa tool bar. As such, it tends to favour blogs that are already engaged with PR and advertising/ marketing agencies.

This ranking is only a rough guide and needs to be updated regularly. (Alexa rankings are updated daily based on monthly and 3-monthly statistics.)

Bloggers using the blogspot platform also suffer a huge disadvantage in Alexa rank as blogspot traffic is divided between local (e.g. and international traffic (i.e. A blogspot blog has two URLs. So blogspot users will have 2 Alexa ranks, one a local rank ( and a second international rank ( Both ranks will be lower than had Alexa combined both the local and international traffic (which is the true traffic of the particular blog).

A final word.

Ranking is not the be all and end all of blogging.

Having fun, and doing good are. 

Enjoy our passion and let everything else follow :D

(PS: If I missed out any food blogs, please email me or leave a comment and I will update this post. Thank you.)

First edition: 4 May 2014


  1. My alexa ranking used to be higher, but I changed to .com a few months ago, and Alexa treats my blog as a brand new website. Sigh, have to start all over again and build my way up. But #9 is a good ranking for me. :)

  2. You are the best actually :)

    1. That's very subjective :P Thanks for your support :D

  3. Thank you for placing me Number 2, it's an honour. But agree with RERG, bloggers who intend to switch to a .com shouldn't procrastinate and should just do it. Had the 'nightmare' starting all over again 2 years back.

    1. You are welcome Daniel. The ranking is by Alexa which is achieved by your own efforts :D I just put it into a list. Congratulations :D

  4. Luckily I switched to dot com after just like 1 month of starting my wordpress site. Humbled to be featured among all the long time bloggers, hope to see you guys at more tastings!

    1. heh whichever works for each! But as the rest said, if you swap to personal domain now, traffic will dip like crazy, about 50% at least.

  5. Wow, honoured to be part of this list! :) :)

    1. Congrats! It's all your effort and achievement. The ranking is by Alexa. I only put the list together :D


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