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Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice at Katong Shopping Center in Singapore 加东美味起骨雞飯


Following my post on Singapore's most famous Tian Tian chicken rice, fans of Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice (DBCR) suggested that I try the popular stall at Katong Shopping Centre.

I was down at Katong Shopping Centre the next Sunday. Actually, Katong Shopping Centre was an old haunt of mine as I studied at nearby Tanjong Katong Sec in the 1970s...

Needless to say, this charming area has changed beyond all recognition.

We used to walk to the beach from our school.

Anyway, Katong Shopping Centre itself changed relatively little. Still plain and unattractive.

Back to chicken rice.


The snaking queue at Sunday lunch time was literally unending. The L-shaped queue seemed unmoving like the jam at the Causeway, with new people joining the queue all the time.

We waited in line for more than 30 minutes. Fortunately, the air conditioning here worked well, so the wait wasn't uncomfortable.

Delicious Boneless-Chicken-Rice-Katong-Shopping-Center-Singapore

Everything here together for SGD22. The achar pickle, soup and sauces were complimentary.


Our not small mound of poached half chicken laid on a mat of cucumber slices and topped with bits of fried garlic, spring onions, and slivers of carrot.

The bottom of the plate was flooded with a sloshy, greasy sauce of light soy and sesame oil.


The chicken was cooked to the bone, but only just, leaving the natural suppleness and juiciness intact. This attests to the superior skills and attentiveness of the chef.

(oh... despite the stall's name, the chicken is not served boneless by default. De-boned chicken is on request.)


The chicken, cut in large chunks, were soo.... smooth, tender and juicy. Served at or very slightly below room temperature, there were thin layers of fat gelled into watery, jiggly jelly in the meat. 

The distinct, slightly sweet chicken flavour 鸡味 was clearly present.



I was really thrilled that DBCR serves this classic glass chicken feet 玻璃鸡爪.


The translucent chicken skin was stripped whole from the feet, like pulling out a sock. It's the loveliest mirror chicken feet that I've ever seen 

Unfortunately, the skin was quite rubbery stiff and tasteless. It also lacked gelatinous crunch.

It had to be dipped in the watery, sweet and savoury sauce which was mostly sugary, to make it more palatable.


The rice was tender and the long Jasmine grains were packed a bit tightly but they separate easily. However, the rice was not fluffy and not overly greasy (actually edging on dryness).

There was a little whiff of garlic aroma, but the rice lacked the vital chicken flavours and fluffiness.


The chili and ginger sauces were watery which diluted it's flavours and texture. The chili sauce also had signs of vinegar added.


This is a good soup loaded with ingredients - pork ribs, chicken feet, peanuts and lotus roots. Sweet and savoury, and a little sugary.


The sourish, vinegary, sweet achar pickles consisted of large chunks of pineapple, cucumber, chili peppers, carrot and onion.

I am not an achar person but the ladies love this.


It's very generous of DBCR's boss to offer free flow of achar (and also soup).

I felt thirsty as I drove home and tried to quench it with lots of plain water. The thirst lingered till the evening. I am not sure if it might be MSG related. I can confirm only after future tastings at DBCR.

I'll be back for the excellent chicken.


Restaurant name: Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice 加东美味起骨雞飯
Address: Stall #3, Basement 1, Katong Shopping Centre, East Coast Road, Singapore
GPS: 1.303462,103.900827
Hours: 10:30am to 8:00pm (Closed on Mondays)
Non Halal

Date visited: 4 May 2014

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  1. I have heard about this famous chicken rice stall but have yet to visit it. I could not believe that the queue is so long! By the way, is this your 2nd wing after instant noodles? Now going for chicken rice hunt...careful about what is authentic hahaha.

    1. Inspired by the trail with you LOL. Oh.. I am still keen to review all the various "white curry laksa" instant noodles but I just can't find them... :S


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