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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Hill Street Fried Kway Teow Singapore (Bedok South Market and Food Centre) 禧街炒粿条


Hill Street char kway teow is an old name in Singapore CKT and possibly the most famous.

I have been eating High Street char kway teow since it was... at Hill Street food centre when old uncle Ng was at the wok. Today, the still popular stall has moved to Bedok South food centre and is run by the founder's son and sister who take turns to work the wok.


There is always a patient queue at Hill Street char kway teow stall.

I waited 30 minutes for my char kway teow. Thankfully, the orderliness and pleasant distractions like Facebook helped make the time passed quite painlessly and quickly on this quiet Sunday morning.

The incessant rhythmic clanging as the iron spatula struck the wok was music to the ears of char kway teow lovers. But, there was no sensuous aroma or oily fumes escaping from the wok of kway teow..... o.k. it must be the good ducting system of upgraded food centres.....


I ordered a medium size SGD4 plate to taste :D  This plate was fried by uncle Ng's son. 


The seeham (cockles) were fresh and tasty. In fact, all the ingredients like bean sprouts, lup cheong (Cantonese waxed sausage), eggs, and chives were good and flavourful.


The mound of soft noodles was moist, gummy, and slick with gleaming lard. The dominant flavour was saltiness balanced with sweetness from the dark sauce with a bit of savouriness from the lard.

The taugeh (bean sprouts) were crunchy and juicy. The still tender and juicy seeham were well cooked without being overdone. Encounters with the few slices of lup cheong and lard crackles released bursts of fragrance and flavours. There was no fish cake.

Wok hei 镬气 was, however, lacking. None of the noodles showed signs of caramelisation. Lard and garlic aroma were fleeting and faded quickly.


Finished everything. No much slick left on the plate. No bad.

Overall, Hill Street Fried Kway Teow is still one of the best CKT available in Singapore today.


The queue grew longer as we were leaving. 

The lady was frying.

Restaurant name: Hill Street Fried Kway Teow stall 禧街炒粿条
AddressBlk 16 Bedok South Road #01-187 Bedok South Market and Food Centre
GPS: 1.32057,103.93589
Hours: Tues to Sun 10:30am to 5:30pm (Closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 11 May 2014

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