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WSFC 2015 World Street Food Congress Jamboree - The HALAL Edition, 8 - 12 Apr 2015

From 8 to 12 Apr 2015, there is a mega food fair in conjunction with World Street Food Congress WSFC 2015 in Singapore at Bugis MRT station.


Officially, it's called the WSF Jamboree but think of it as a global eating party with 23 of the world's best street food stalls from 12 cities. All 23 are personally chosen by Kf Seetoh of Makansutra.


Location of the eating party is super convenient. It's at the large open field right beside the Bugis MRT station in downtown Singapore.


No worries about rain or shine because the party will be held under comfortable big tents.

What Halal food has Kf Seetoh brought for us?


Gudeg yu nap from Bandung, Central Java, Indonesia.

Something new to me. Gudeg is a unique sambal made with green jackfruit and spices. It is eaten with grilled or braised chicken, and crispy fried cow skin (that's leather isn't it?).

I am really curious to try this iconic dish from Central Java.


Ayam Taliwang from Lombok, Indonesia.

Kf Seetoh tried to frighten us, saying this is the spiciest grilled chicken in Indonesia. Spicy until "can stop hurricanes" lah, "not for the fainted hearted" lah, warn us, lah.

Try first then we know, right?

We have been eating chili peppers raw, since we were not yet 2 years old, right?



Satay bee hoon by Alhambra Padang Satay from Singapore.

Cik Sam from Alhambra Padang Satay used to serve Halal satay bee hoon (originally a Teochew Chinese dish) at the old Satay Club at Elizabeth Walk in old Singapore. Satay bee hoon is a Singaporean dish that is vanishing fast from our food centres. Cik Sam is bringing his famed Halal satay bee hoon back just for the World Street Food Congress.

It's a unique blend of bee hoon bathed with sweet nutty spicy satay gravy served with fresh prawns, kangkong greens, cuttlefish and fried bean curd.

Hard to find anywhere nowadays (especially the Halal version), so I better grab some now ;-D


Mee Kuah by M.A. Deen Blasa from Singapore.

Yellow noodles in a bowl of rich lamb broth perfumed and painted red by masala spices. Served with a runny sunny side up egg and beefy minced meat.

One of my favourite uniquely Singapore comfort foods.


Apom from Penang, Malaysia.

Tissue thin, crispy rice crepe with fluffy soft centre by a famous 30 year old street side stall from Georgetown, Penang.


Soto Ayam by Pak Sadi from Indonesia.

This is the East Java variety known as soto ayam ambengan. The traditional chicken broth is enhanced with fresh milk fish and seafood. Pak Sadi sprinkles in his "koya" powder made of powdered keropok and fried shallots for that extra punch.

Other Halal dishes also at the Jamboree are Kupat Tauhu from West Java and more.

The food costs around SGD4 to SGD10 per serving. Payment is easy - by coupons sold on site, or Singapore cash card (NETS) or VISA and Mastercard.

I will be there checking out these and other interesting dishes.

Hope to see you too ;-D

Say hello if you see me ok? ;-p

Venue: Right the doorstep of Bugis MRT station
Address: Junction of Rochor Road and North Bridge Road, Singapore
Hours: 8 - 9 Apr (Weds - Thurs) 5:00pm to 10:30pm | 10 Apr (Fri) 4:00pm to 10:30pm | 11 - 12 Apr (Sat - Sun) 1:00pm to 10:30pm

Halal & Non Halal  

Dates: 8 - 12 Apr 2015  

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