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World Street Food Congress WSFC 2015 - Come and Eat at Bugis MRT Station, Singapore 8 - 12 Apr 2015

I attended the press conference for the World Street Food Congress WSFC 2015 today. The biennial Congress held from 8 - 12 Apr at the doorstep of Bugis MRT station in Singapore, has dialogue sessions and an awards ceremony, but what caught my attention most is the Jamboree ;-p


Organised by Makansutra, the Jamboree is just Kf Seetoh's atas term for food fair or makan party lah...


The venue for the makan party cannot be anymore convenient.

It is right next to the Bugis MRT station. Just step out of the subway station and you are there - go straight into the food stalls and party! ;-D

What are we expecting?

Some familiar and many new taste experiences from far away, all around the globe. Makansutra has done all the hard work, so we can just come and makan (eat) lah.

There are 23 stalls representing some of the best street food from 12 cities around the world. All personally selected by Kf Seetoh.

Here is a sneak preview of some of the goodies ;-p

(Can't reveal all, so you must come lah ;-p ).


Soto Ayam from Indonesia (HALAL).

Not your ordinary soto ayam. Pak Sadi's soto has milk fish and seafood stock in his chicken broth. He also laced it with fried shallots and powdered keropok.

Power right?


Gudeg yu nap from Bandung, Java, Indonesia. HALAL.

Green jackfruit sambal eaten with grilled chicken and cow skin crackers (huh?).

I have never tried this dish before.

I am sure gonna try this at the WSFC Jamboree.


Ayam Taliwang from Lombok, Indonesia. (HALAL).

Reputedly the spiciest chicken dish on earth. Really that hot meh? Shall we put that audacious claim to a taste test?


Kupat tauhu from West Indonesia. (HALAL).

Fried bean curd served with rice cakes, noodles, bean sprouts and nuts bathed in coconut milk and peanut sauce.


Razor thin, ultra crispy apom from Penang, Malaysia.


Satay bee hoon is a Teochew dish rarely found outside Singapore. Even in Singapore, this dish is fast disappearing. Alhambra Padang Satay is presenting a HALAL version of this vanishing Singapore dish at the WSFC Jamboree.


American food truck grub with Philippines origins.

Chicken inasal taco is charcoal grilled marinated chicken served in a taco cup dressed with fried chicken skin.

Filipino with Tex-Mex and Southern influence? 

Interesting or not?!


Truffle paella lechon from the Philippines.

Suckling pig stuffed with rice greased with truffle oil and herbs roasted in an open charcoal pit. You imagine the outcome.


Come and try it.

For sure, worth your calories.


Hoy Tord or Thai style oyster and seafood omelette.

This one, I eat before hehehe.

Fresh oysters and eggs, how not to like?


From Germany, what else but currywurst and bratwurst.

German traditional pork sausages (bratwurst) and the modern interpretation blended with masala (currywurst), now considered Germany's national street food.


Black satay or orh bak char 黑肉炒 from Penang.

Never heard of this very interesting sounding Nyonya dish.

Add another one to my Must Try list ;-p


Vietnamese style charcoal grilled seafood pancakes.


Soft shell crabs seafood combo with 3 local sauces by Keng Eng Kee or KEK, one of Singapore's best known old school zhi char 煮炒 (boil and fry) restaurants.


Prawn paste chicken burger by Hong Kong Street Chun Kee restaurant. The prawn paste chicken burger is a modern interpretation of the old classic har cheong kai 蝦醬雞. What exactly is this burger? 

Come and try it ;-D


Anticuchos are meat skewers with potatoes from Bolivia, South America.

South America is one of those places I hope to visit, but so far only have the chance to view them on Discovery Channel or in National Geographic magazine.

Thanks to WSFC Jamboree, I have the chance to try Bolivian anticuchos in Singapore.

This Bolivian style kebab is definitely on my Must Try list at the Jamboree.


These are just some of the world street food brought to us by Makansutra to the Jamboree (food fair). There will also be mee kuah which is yellow noodles in masala and mutton broth (HALAL), Bon Chovie fried anchovies (what?), traditional fried carrot cakes, more, more, more .....

Food prices range from SGD4 to SGD10 per serving. Payment is convenient. We can pay by coupons available for purchase on site, Singapore cash card (i.e. NETS etc), or by VISA and Mastercard.

I am sure gonna be there.

Catch you there! ;-D

Don't later say bojio ok? ;-p

Venue: Right the doorstep of Bugis MRT station
Address: Junction of Rochor Road and North Bridge Road, Singapore
Hours: 8 - 9 Apr (Weds - Thurs) 5:00pm to 10:30pm | 10 Apr (Fri) 4:00pm to 10:30pm | 11 - 12 Apr (Sat - Sun) 1:00pm to 10:30pm

Halal & Non Halal

Dates: 8 - 12 Apr 2015

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