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Famous Restaurant in Kaohsiung Liu's Traditional Juancun Food 劉家酸菜白肉火鍋 JK1207


Our Taiwanese guide 美青 ( brought us to Liu's Traditional Juancun Food 劉家酸菜白肉火鍋 which is a steamboat restaurant popular with Kaohsiung locals.


Liu's Traditional Juancun Food 劉家酸菜白肉火鍋 has a few outlets in Kaohsiung. 美青 brought us to the flagship store - the original store where it all started in a military base in 左營 (literally "Left Base") Kaohsiung.


The large restaurant is packed full with families eating together. Steamboat is all about communal dining. The chorus of chattering and banter was loud and no one was bothered by it at all - indeed, it is part and parcel of the experience.


The main dish at Liu's is their steamboat served in a charcoal fired steel pot with a tall chimney. Their signature broth has a unique savoury tangy/ sourish flavour as it is made with fermented cabbage. The sourness has an appetising effect (though I am not personally a big fan of sour tastes).


There are lots of different things we can add into the hot soup, such as mushrooms, dumplings, fish balls, squid balls, prawn balls, pork and beef slices just to name a few.


The fully packed restaurant was extremely busy but the attentive staff kept our steamboat constantly topped up with that savoury sourish broth.


The main dip is a blend of soy sauce with fermented soy bean paste and garnished with spring onions. It has a layered savouriness with the crunch and green taste of fresh spring onions.


Besides the steamboat, Liu's also serves many cold side dishes which customers can just pick out from the display cabinets.

Here are just a few of the many choices available.


Steamed soft tofu.


Braised tender tofu.


Crunchy juicy bamboo shoot in sour spicy sweet sauce. Taiwanese love their bamboo shoots and most restaurants serve it in some form.


Braised pork trotters.

And, we can also make side orders which are prepared a la minute.


The xiao long bao at Liu's were delicious! So, we indulged in three baskets on top of all the food we had ;-p


Crispy fried pan cakes and rolls filled with vegetables and chicken. We enjoyed it :-D


Signature dessert at Liu's - a pillowy soft sweet cake with nutty crunchy nuts embedded in the spongy white slices.

When you are visiting Kaohsiung, a meal at Liu's Traditional Juancun Food 劉家酸菜白肉火鍋 is an experience not to be missed. Mingle with locals and enjoy a wide range of delicious local dishes in a local setting at local prices :-D

If I have a chance to visit Liu's again, I shall also try their award winning braised beef with hand made noodles 冠軍紅燒牛肉麵.

Restaurant name: Liu's Traditional Juancun Food 劉家酸菜白肉火鍋
Address: No. 9, Jieshou Rd, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 813 中正堂本館: 高雄市左營區介壽路9號
GPS:  22.681274, 120.283121
Hours: 11:00 am to 10:30 pm
Tel: (07)582-3050 | (07) 581-6633
Non Halal


AirAsia AK 170 departs Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 for Kaohsiung at 8:30am and 1:00pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

AirAsia AK 171 departs Kaohsiung for KLIA2 at 1:30pm and 5:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

My visit to Kaohsiung with AirAsia:

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Date visited (Kaohsiung & Pintung): 19 Jul 2015

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  1. My first time visiting your blog. So many reviews! Their xiao long bao... so tempting! Even their cold side dishes looks good! :D

    1. Dear Henry, Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. Glad you enjoyed it. Please come back again :-D


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