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Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow at Old Airport Road Singapore


Came to Dong Ji fried kway teow stall at the iconic Old Airport Road food centre at the suggestion of Tony Tee.


Dong Ji is in the quieter, inner back row of the sprawling food centre.


The stall holder at work, stretching, bending, frying, taking orders, serving, collecting money, washing, cleaning everything one-man-operation. This is the day's work of many of Singapore's pioneer hawkers.


The stall holder was extremely busy so I just focused on what I felt is the most important question when I could ask only one question, "How may I address you, Towkay? (speaking in Mandarin)". The stall holder replied that he is Mr Teng.


We ordered a SGD4 plate to try. It's the most generous plate of SGD4 fried kway teow that I have seen in Singapore so far.

It's got more than everything that I could think of in a plate of fried kway teow - rice noodles, eggs, cockles, fish cake, lup cheong (Cantonese wax sausage), squid, good size prawns, bean sprouts, diced garlic and chive 韭菜 fried in oil and lard. Talking about chive韭菜, it is very rarely used in Singapore char kway teow anymore, so kudos to Dong Ji. (I actually thought I may never eat char kway teow with chives in Singapore anymore :-D ).

The fried kway kway teow looks a little reddish because we asked for chili paste.


Quite a few of my favourite juicy fresh blood cockles siham inside.


The flavours of the fried kway teow were quite mild - mainly savoury with slight (Singapore style) sweetness for balance. It lacks the layered savouriness of the Penang style. The rice noodles were well fried with some (not much) wok hei. But there weren't that much kway teow to savour in the first place, with so many ingredients like prawns, squid, fish cake and more piled on top of the noodles.

So, if you like your char kway teow fully loaded with heaps of liau 料 (ingredients), this is the one for you. Dong Ji has many fans, so this style of char kway teow hits the right note with many people.

I shall be back to try the SGD3 version sans some of the extra liau to appreciate the wok fried rice noodles better. Also, a chance to chat a bit with Uncle Teng.


Do check out Uncle Teng's Dong Ji fried kway teow when you are in Old Airport Road food centre. Note that waiting time may be long especially when there is a queue as Uncle Teng is old and he is running the stall alone.

Restaurant name: Dong Ji Fried Kway Teow 东记炒粿条

Address: 51 Old Airport Road #01-138 Old Airport Road Food Centre Singapore 390051
GPS1.307906, 103.885968
Hours: 8:00am to 1:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 23 Aug 2015

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