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Jade Garden Seafood Restaurant at Sungai Rengit Lobster 翡翠园海鲜酒家


Jade Garden was the first seafood restaurant that I have tried at Sungai Rengit in Pengerang, Johor and have since returned several times.


Jade Garden is the most successful of the seafood restaurants in Sungai Rengit and has moved from it's humble street corner location to this huge building. Jade Garden's new seafront home is just a stone's throw from it's previous location.


This is the first time I've returned to Jade Garden since it moved to this new location last year. Jade Garden is now a huge fully air conditioned banquet hall. It is very comfortable, especially for families and large gatherings.


The first thing on my mind, and I guess for many regular customers too is, is Jade Garden still as good?

For a start, I am glad that Jade Garden's pricing is very competitive. Live spiny lobsters are sold at RM130 (SGD43) to RM180 (SGD60) per kilo depending on size.

We also ate lobsters at another restaurant today at Sungai Rengit town - the smaller restaurant charged us the same price for lobsters i.e. RM180 per kilo.


Service has actually improved as there are now more staff and they are attentive and friendly. (We were here on a weekday - Thursday during lunch.)

But, the key question remains - how is the food, especially the lobsters?

I asked and the manager told me that the same kitchen team is still running the show here at Jade Garden's new location.


We ordered Jade Garden's signature, Lobster in Superior Broth.


The mildly savoury sweet superior broth complements the firm springy lobster flesh very well. The lobster meat still contained it's natural juices and subtle flavours. This is one of my favourite ways to eat lobster.


I also asked for Marmite lobsters like a "regular". (Marmite lobsters are not in the menu and only regulars know about it :-D ).


Many regulars swear by this Marmite lobster.

The lobster was deep fried in high heat till the shell was brittle and there was a slight crisp on the outside of the meat. The meat has a nice gentle savoury sweet flavour from the Marmite marinade. There was also a slight spicy note from the bits of chili topping. The meat was firm and springy, and slightly drier due to deep frying.

In the crucial lobster department, Jade Garden tastes the same now as before.


We also had a serving of Gong Gong (shell fish) which were simply blanched in hot water and dressed with a watery savoury sweet sauce.


Tender slightly chewy meat, Gong Gong is briny with little flavour and had to be eaten with spicy or savoury dipping sauces.


Our total bill came to RM277.50 (SGD92) which we felt was reasonable given the quality of the food and the ambiance.

->> In my humble opinion, Jade Garden Seafood Corner is now bigger and better than before. A good place for live lobsters.

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Restaurant name: Jade Garden Seafood Corner 翡翠园海鲜酒家
Address: Lorong Siakap 1, Sungai Rengit, Pengerang, Johor
GPS: 1.347967, 104.223795 / 1°20'52.7"N 104°13'25.7"E
Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm
Tel: +607-826 5460

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 22 Oct 2015

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  1. Definitely the most eye-catching lobster restaurant in Pengerang now. Prices still seem to be a little more expensive than the other restaurants in the vicinity. It's a shame Straits View had closed down.

    1. Yes, sad that Straits View closed down as it was good during it's heydays. We tried another restaurant (other than Jade Garden) on the same day. It's a small restaurant, rustic type. The price of lobster was the same as Jade Garden i.e. RM180 per kilo. We ended up spending more at the small restaurant.

  2. Went there several times over since the beginning of the year and the food is fresh and good, however the last trip there with my family was pretty unpleasant. One of the waitress served a wrong dish and we rejected it, which its ok as it happens every now and then. The nasty part is that one of the senior waitress came up and accused us of consuming the extra dish, in which we deny without hesitation.

    She got pissed off and started behaving like a thug and started flipping our empty dishes and counting them like we are lying. The worst part is that she insisted that we are hiding something by stacking the used plates under the small drink trolley for our hot tea. That really pushed my button but as the whole family is there and the mood is jovial, I just told her to sort it out with the kitchen before coming to the customer end for answer.

    She went all around the restaurant looking for answers and came back to us insisting we consumed the tofu dish (one of their main dish). This time I told her that if I wanted to cheat the restaurant, it would be something more significant like a lobster dish. She went off again pointing constantly in our direction, making the whole situation unbearable, thus we decided to leave early.

    In the whole situation, there isn't an apology or explanation until I confronted the manager before leaving and told her that this is unacceptable as they are treating us like thieves and enjoying a "覇王餐" or "覇王 dish" and that is after I paid close to five hundred for the meal. She got the senior waitress to apologise for the error but you can see she did it unwillingly...

    The whole situation left a really bad after taste and we didn't step back in for a few months already. This is really unfair to the boss as he is a nice and friendly guy but that particular waitress attitude really cmi.

  3. So Jade Garden really Upgraded :)
    We saw the huge factory-lookalike building and thought it is a different restaurant.

    We found another cafeteria with more people, Beautiful Village (n01.35024 e104.22208).
    Decent food too :)

    cheers, andy

    1. Thanks Andy. We shall visit Beautiful Village next time ;-D

  4. I couldn't refrain from commenting. Exceptionally well written!


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