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Sunrise Bistro & Bar Big Splash East Coast Park Singapore JK1264


Think fine dining and what comes to mind is exclusivity and inaccessibility to most people. So, I was glad to hear that owner-chef Vincent aims to make fine dining dishes available to more people at Sunrise Bistro & Bar at Big Splash East Coast Park.


At Sunrise Bistro & Bar, fine food and dress down are not mutually exclusive.

Inside Sunrise Bistro & Bar, it's a simply furnished space. Quite spacious and tables are well spaced out. There is also a laid back al fresco area with a large projection screen - great place to throw our heads back, watch sports and chill.


Owner-chef Vincent has 22 years of culinary experience under his belt despite his youthful looks. Before opening Sunrise Bistro, Vincent was the owner-chef at Table 66 and Skyve Elementary Bistro.


Chef Vincent is an ardent advocate of sous-vide cooking techniques. He feels sous-vide gives the best balance between natural flavours, the demands of modern fast paced living and affordability.

Combining French techniques and styles with Asian flavours, Chef Vincent hopes to make fine dining more pocket friendly and accessible.


Seafood Chowder Soup SGD12++

Creamy seafood soup with fresh tomatoes, seasonal fresh seafood (we had squid, prawn and mussel), topped with chopped chives and extra virgin olive oil. The seafood soup was delicious and appetising.


Luncheon Chips SGD9++.

Spam shaved paper thin and then fried till brittlely crisp. Quite addictive salty beer food. It was a good filler before we started and in between courses.


Seared Foie Gras SGD19++.

Seared rich goose liver set on brioche bread balanced with citrus flavours from a slice of mango, citrus jam and berry compote. Sunrise Bistro is probably the most affordable place to get premium foie gras in Singapore.


Sunrise Fish & Chips SGD26++.

Crispy fried deboned Red Snapper with lemon myrtle pepper served with mango salsa, tartare sauce and a raft of french fries. A "Chinese" twist to the quintessentially English staple sans the often thick batter. I like the concept but the fish was fried a little dry on the inside today, driving out most of the fish's delicate natural flavours.


Cereal Crusted Cod Fish SGD28++.

Big chunk of cod fish baked and topped with cereal crust, sat in a bath of sesame oil and ginger shoyu broth with seasonal vegetables braised. The grainy cereal crust is an interesting twist but otherwise the flavours is very much home cooked Chinese style steamed fish.


Asian Five Spice Duck Leg Confit SGD28++.

Sous vide duck leg infused with five spice marinate and fried to a crisp outside while the inside remained moist and tender.


Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder SGD26++.

Sous vide pork shoulder with marmite marinate was grilled before serving.


BBQ Beef Short Ribs SGD32++.


The beef short rib was sous vide for 24 hours to tender and then roasted with homemade BBQ sauce just before serving. The tender pinkish meat was beefy and juicy sweet while the well browned outside had a quite robust savoury flavour. I enjoyed this dish as the meat had nice texture and the flavours were well balanced.


Tiramisu Semi Freddo SGD12++.

Semi frozen mascarpone cheese layered with coffee liquor jelly sponge set on milo crunch and tuile biscuit.


Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake SGD14++.

Innovative dessert combining East and West elements. Savoury sweet salted egg yolk custard wrapped in a sweet chocolate spongy cake.

Sun Bistro & Bar has a good bar department :-D


Andy, the Operations Manager and mixologist has an infectious enthusiasm for cocktails. I can really feel his passion - I'm not using this overused cliché frivolously.

With Andy around you will want to drink something new. Really.

He won't just let you pore through the drinks menu, flipping the pages aimlessly. Andy will ask you what flavours do you want in your drink and suggest something that will match your taste.

If it is not in the menu, he will design one for you on the spot. And, he was spot on with all our drinks.


I asked for something light and refreshing as I wanted to keep my hands as steady as possible for photo taking without flash or tripod. Andy, made me this delicious Martin the Martian SGD18++. It is a lips smacking perky cocktail of sous vide infusion gin, apple liqueur, cucumber syrup, basil syrup and lime juice.

I am totally impressed.

Come and see Andy for your tailor made drinks! And, enjoy fine dining dishes in a casual setting.

Disclosure: Please note that this is an invited food tasting.


Restaurant name: Sunrise Bistro & Bar

Address902 East Coast Parkway Playground @ Big Splash Block B, #01-05
GPS1.297586, 103.899579
Hours: Mon - Thu: 11:30am - 1:00am | Fri 11:30am - 2:00am | Sat & Eve of Public Holiday 9:00am - 2:00am | Sun & Public Holiday 9:00am - 1:00am
Tel: 6440 9090

Non Halal

Date visited: 30 Sep 2015

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  1. Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate innovative!


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