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Sunday, 18 March 2018

My Sweet Home Small Kitchen in Taipei. Mum's Cooking, that's All 我家小廚房

Restaurant name: My Sweet Home Small Kitchen 我家小廚房
Address115 Yanshou Street, Songshan, Taipei | 延壽街115號
GPS25°03'25.3"N 121°33'54.4"E
Nearest MRT: Nanjing Sanmin 南京三民站
Tel+886 966 558 669 (best to call before coming)
Hours5:30pm to 9:00pm (Mon & Tue off)

There is nothing more "mum's cooking" than at My Sweet Home Small Kitchen 我家小廚房. Owner Ms 曹's daughter loves her mum's so much that she encouraged her mum to open a little restaurant to share her food. So, My Sweet Home Small Kitchen 我家小廚房 was born on the Fourth of July 2012 with just four tables.

Ms 曹 is passionate about cooking and cooks for her family. Ms 曹's own mother abandoned her when she was a child. When Ms 曹 herself became a mother, cooking became her way to express her motherly love for her daughter. 

My Sweet Home Small Kitchen 我家小廚房's menu is limited and changes everyday depending on what best is available at the market for the day, just like mum's cooking at home. Ms 曹 serves comforting delicious Hunan 湖南 homestyle dishes with relatively robust flavours.

For her My Sweet Home Small Kitchen 我家小廚房, Ms 曹 personally handpicks her ingredients for the dishes, so we can be sure that all are good quality and fresh.

Ms 曹 is famous for her fish dishes which are fresh and she cooks them whole. Must order at least one of Ms 曹's fish dishes when you are here. Simple stir fried "Harbour fish" 馬頭魚 is a top favourite among customers.

Ms 曹's stewed pork belly is cooked with tofu and various beans, vegetables and sauces. The flavours are distinct and well balanced.

Other dishes are stinky tofu, stewed eggplant, stewed tofu, baby squid omelette, stir fried cabbage, omelette with chives, stir fried squid, cabbage soup, radish soup etc. All familiar, comforting, delicious home cooked dishes.

As Ms 曹's little eatery quickly became popular, her daughter hoped that her overworked mum would close the restaurant 😂 But, Ms 曹 become more and more passionate about her little eatery as she gets a lot of support and encouraging feedback from customers. In 2018, My Sweet Home Small Kitchen 我家小廚房 won the Bib Gourmand award in the inaugural Taipei Michelin Guide. Now, it would be even harder for Ms 曹 to hang up her wok and pots 😄

My Sweet Home Small Kitchen 我家小廚房 is a Must Try restaurant in Taipei. Booking ahead at ☎+886 966 558 669 is a must as the eatery is small with just 4 tables, and Ms 曹 and her daughter do everything - prepare, cook, serve - themselves.

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