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Where to get Hand Made Teochew Kueh in Singapore @ Jalan Kukoh Food Centre


✍ Updated 27 Jan 2024. We met this morning at the famous Jalan Kukoh Teochew Kueh stall at the back of Thong Chai building.


When I got here, I realised that Kukoh 21 Food Centre was a place I knew very well from decades ago but I have completely forgotten about it. I am that old already 😱 Tucked away behind and hidden from view by the tall buildings fronting Chin Swee road, the dingy hawker centre is like a place forgotten by time.


Well, not really. It is quite busy during lunch time. 

Kukoh 21 Food Centre is the little secret lunch hideout of residents living in the old HDB flats here and the office workers in nearby buildings.


Jalan Kukoh Teochew Kueh is now run by the third generation Loh siblings. The recipes are from their grandmother who founded the stall in Johor Bahru before Singapore's independence in 1965.

The majority Chinese community in Johor Bahru are Teochews, hence JB is also known as "Little Swatow 小汕頭". Singapore and Johor Bahru share a lot of common food such as Teochew kueh. The Loh siblings' mum, started her mobile Teochew kueh stall plying along Jalan Kukoh, hence the name of their stall.


All of Jalan Kukoh's Teochew kueh are freshly made from scratch at the stall from the skin to all the different types of fillings.


My buddy bought over $60 worth of Teochew kueh, so I had the opportunity to taste a few types. It is best to call ahead at ☎ 9838 0235, as often, there is nothing left for walk in customers.


The skin is relatively thick but soft with just a little chewiness. The kueh is lightly pan fried with oil before serving which added a bit of crisp and savoury flavour.

I like this yam kueh because I like yam and there was a generous amount of it inside. Diced and steamed, the bits of yam were soft and had a nice savoury sweetness of the yam kind.


I like Jalan Kukoh's soon kueh.

The stewed julienned bangkuang 沙葛 or Chinese turnip inside was soft with a slight crunch and saturated with savoury sweet flavours from dried shrimp and turnip.

It's one the best soon kueh I have tasted.


Jalan Kukoh's koo chai kueh is made relatively flat so it appeared less packed with chives. I prefer my koo chai kueh to look "pregnant", overloaded and bursting with fried chives with it's distinct green taste. Not this one though. Still, the savoury flavours were well present in this koo chai kueh.


Jalan Kukoh's tau sar kueh is nice as it has just the right level of sweetness for me - mostly natural mung bean sweetness not sugary sweetness.

The black skin colour comes from sesame seed.


👉 Jalan Kukoh's freshly made Teochew Kueh have soft skin with a slight chew to the bite. The lightly pan fried skin have a bit of crisp. The kueh are generously packed with fillings which have well balanced flavours at the right intensity. The kueh are slick but not overly greasy. This is a good place to get nice Teochew kueh in Singapore.

A similar Teochew kueh stall in JB 👈 click


Restaurant name: Jalan Kukoh Teochew Kueh
Address: Stall #01-19, Kukoh 21 Food Centre, Blk 1 Jalan Kukoh, Singapore
GPS: 1°17'17.4"N 103°50'23.3"E
Tel: 9838 0235 (calling in advance is highly adviced)
Hours: 7:00am - 9:00am | 3:00pm - 7:00pm | Tues 3:00pm - 7:00pm only (Mon off)

Non Halal


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Written by Tony Boey on 7 Mar 2018

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