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Dr. Q Rice Ball & Special Lotus Leaf Rice @ Zishan MRT in Taipei

Twenty year old family run hawker stall serving premium quality lotus leaf rice, and special signature rice ball soup by an ex-restaurant head chef with total 50 years' culinary experience.

Restaurant name: Dr. Q Rice Balls 手工湯圓
AddressNo. 60, Fuguo Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan
GPS: 25°06'07.3"N 121°31'23.3"E 🌐 25.102022, 121.523125
Nearest MRT station: Zishan 
Tel: +886 2 8866 1325
Hours: 11:30am - 9:00pm (Mon closed)

Mr Liaw 廖新文 started his hawker stall with his wife 黃月英 after the restaurant where he worked for 30 years closed. At his humble hawker stall, for 20 years Mr Liaw serves he ye fan 荷叶饭 (lotus leaf rice), tang yuan 湯圓 (rice ball soup), and a signature savoury tang yuan.

When Mr Liaw's son 廖宥鈞, who is a hotel dim sum chef joined the stall, he rebranded it Dr Q (even though the reserved Mr Liaw was initially reluctant). 

For his he ye fan 荷叶饭, Dr Q blend two different types of glutinous rice to give it a layered texture. To the steamed glutinous rice, Dr Q add braised pork belly, yam and carrot cubes, premium quality ginkgo nuts, sauteed squid and mushroom which are all wrapped in fresh lotus leaves. The rice and leaf bundles are then cooked by steaming in bamboo baskets, infusing the rice with flavours and aromas from the ingredients as well as the lotus leaves. Dr Q serves restaurant quality he ye fan at hawker prices.

Dr Q's rice balls are made with a blend 4 types of rice so they are tender yet have a light springy chew to the bite. The rice balls also have the comforting taste of rice. The rice balls served in savoury sweet pork soup are filled with minced pork, sesame paste or groundnut paste. Dr Q also have a sweet soup dessert version. These are nice but the main draw are Dr Q's unique signature rice balls. 

Dr Q's signature rice balls 客家紅白鹹湯圓 come in a soup. At the bottom are fresh leafy greens, with springy red and white rice balls laid above it, and on top Dr Q scoop in a spoonful of their special garnish. The savoury garnish is made with 6 ingredients such as leek, mushroom, dried shrimps etc stir fried and stewed with a blend of oils, including rendered Berkshire black pig lard and chicken fat.

Dr Q fans are touched by the Liaw family's sincerity and dedication in staying faithful to the tedious traditional recipe to give customers the fading old school textures, aromas, feel and flavours. 

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