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Friday, 16 August 2019

Atu Sesame Oil Chicken - Best in Taipei 阿圖麻油雞

Well loved 40 plus year old family run sesame oil chicken soup stall with lots of loyal fans young and old who crave the flavourful comforting, heart and body warming, nourishing dish.

Restaurant nameAtu Sesame Oil Chicken 阿圖麻油雞
AddressNo. 39, Liaoning Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104
GPS25°02'55.4"N 121°32'32.2"E 🌐 25.048733, 121.542282
Nearest MRT station: Nanjing Fuxing 南京復興站
Tel+886 2 2751 5180
Hours: 11:00am - 11:00pm (Sunday closed)

The popular sesame oil chicken stall is founded by friendly Uncle Atu 阿圖 and wife who have 5 children and 5 adopted girls whom they raised as their own. All are involved in the family business since their childhood. Uncle Atu, wife and elder daughter run the original stall near Nanjing Fuxing station 南京復興站 while daughters run the branches.

Atu and family chop chunks of fresh free range chicken, stir fry them with sesame oil and julienned old ginger till the extracted flavours are infused into the chicken meat. Uncle Atu uses only 6.5 month old free range chicken as they are meatier and more flavoursome. The dish is then doused with rice wine and black vinegar, and stir fried some more before adding chicken soup and black mushrooms. 

When the chunks of chicken meat are cooked by boiling, they are removed from the pot of stock and rested to prevent overcooking (which would toughen the meat and leech out the natural flavours). The chicken soup is kept simmering in a large pot of stock made with at least 4 whole chicken and mushroom for flavour.

When there is an order, the rested stir fried chicken chunks are added into and finished by boiling in small pots of the sesame oil chicken soup. Customers can order fresh pork liver, kidney and heart slices which will be blanched and expertly cooked in the sesame oil chicken soup to just the right texture.

For carbs, customers can order mee sua (rice noodles). Fans love the juicy tenderness and natural sweetness of the chicken. They like the rich aroma and depth of flavours of the sesame oil, vinegar and rice wine chicken soup. The pork liver, kidney and heart are cooked perfectly, retaining their subtle springy crunch. The subtly savoury mee sua is also well liked.

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