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Shu Heng Bi Tai Mak @ Kebun Baru Food Centre. Johor Bahru Style Rat Tail Noodle in Ang Mo Kio


If you miss the lou shi fun or mee tai mak at JB's Kimdo restaurant, now you can your fix at Shu Heng Bi Tai Mak. The three month old stall also have a "dry" version with a savoury tangy spicy lardy sauce which I like a lot. The queue is building up at the stall as word is getting around fast about their delicious mee tai mak. 

Stall name: Shu Heng Bi Tai Mak 數興老鼠粉

Address: 226H Ang Mo Kio Street 22, stall #01-25, Kebun Bahru Market and Hawker Centre, Singapore 568226

Hours: 7:00am - 12:00 noon (Tues off)


Aaron's dad found this recently opened stall at Ang Mo Kio's Kebun Baru Food Centre which serve a version of mee tai mak similar to that at Kimdo BBQ in Johor Bahru. I finally made it here today, about a month after Aaron alerted me to it.

Yeah..., I didn't dash into it because the past month had been a hectic one for me with some major things to attend to. Furthermore, I am not really a big fan of Kimdo's mee tai mak 🤭

But, Aaron's enthusiasm is infectious. 


Just three months old, there's already a constant queue at Shu Heng Bi Tai Mak. In Singapore nowadays, word about good food stalls spread like wildfire, thanks to the legion of foodies on the prowl and social media.


They have the starchy soup and the dry versions. Four of us, Aaron bought 4 soup and 2 dry. 
Both soup and dry versions start at $3 a serving.

This is the soup version. Not pretty, not much to see as almost everything was under the brownish soup.


The mee tai mak come in a starch thicken soup - it's just slightly thickened, so it has more body but was not gooey.

The soup tasted savoury from hae bee (dried shrimp), tung chai (preserved cabbage) and sweetness from pork. Chopped spring onion added a bit of fragrance. The fried shallots were however factory made, so didn't contribute much flavour to the dish. (If the shallot was freshly fried, then... boomz..., but.. .)


The generic slurpy smooth mee tai mak were gummy chewy tender to the bite. The noodles went very well with the starchy soup. They were generous with the minced pork and mushroom bits in the soup.


If you are a fan of Kimdo's mee tai mak, you will be pleased with Shu Heng's rendition of your favourite. Comforting blend of savoury sweetness to go with the lou shi fun.


Personally, it was the dry version that blew me away.

Kimdo doesn't have a dry lou shi fun. It reminded me of Yi Poh Lou Shi Fun in Seremban town (though they are quite different).


The same generic springy chewy lou shi fun but there's plenty of kick in their savoury spicy tangy lardy sauce (quite complex). The savoury fried minced pork and mushroom stew topping was flavourful too.

The generic fishball, fish cake slices and lettuce were obligatory tokens but I was already fully won over by the spicy sauce and fried minced pork-mushroom topping.


Lard we can see, smell and taste.

Kimdo lou shi fun

I wasn't too excited about Kimdo's lou shi fun, so didn't say much about it in this blog post. Of course, the LSF is one of Kimdo's signature dishes and they have lots of fans both sides of the Causeway.

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My favourite JB style mee tai mak is from this restaurant but unfortunately it has closed some time ago 😞 We had a memorable lunch at Hai Zhi Lian in Pengerang 👈 click

Written by Tony Boey on 18 Apr 2021

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