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Hong Xing Handmade Fishball Meatball Noodle @ Hong LIm F C. Breakfast in Chinatown


Popular early breakfast option at Hong Lim Food Centre serving traditional Teochew handmade fishball and meatball with spicy noodles.

Stall name: Hong Xing Handmade Fishball Meatball Noodle 鴻興手工魚圓 . 肉圓麵

Address: Hong Lim Food Centre, #02-30, 531A Upper Cross Street, Singapore 051531  

Hours: 7:00am - 2:00pm (Weds off)


Found myself in the Chinatown area early on Monday morning to run an errand. Surveyed People's Park and Chinatown Complex but most stalls weren't opened early Monday morning. These two hawker centres were like still asleep 

Hopped over to Hong Lim Complex and found several stalls opened for the day. Hong Xing Handmade Fishball was enjoying a healthy line of waiting customers, so I picked this stall for breakfast.


My $5 breakfast - a bowl of "dry" mee pok noodles with a bowl of fishball & pork ball soup.

Actually, this was my second time having Hong Xing fishballs but the last time I had it, it was with a whole bunch of food from other stalls. I like the Hong Xing fishballs then, and today was a good opportunity to taste them with closer attention.


The mee pok noodles come with a lardy savoury spicy sauce. Nothing sharp, no vinegar, but lots of lard (as I asked for more). Next time, I shall ask for some vinegar.

The noodles were done a notch firmer than soft al dente which I like.


$5 got me five fishballs and three pork balls in a soup.

The clear, watery soup tasted savoury-salty with prominent taste of tong chai (preserved cabbage).


The fishballs were light, not dense, soft springy to the bite. When popped, they released a mild savoury salty flavour. Fish taste was not prominent (hardly discernible).


The pork ball was also light though slightly denser than the fishball (but only slightly). It was lightly springy-soft spongy to the bite and definitely not chewy. It tasted savoury with a slight sweetness from pork. I enjoyed both the fish and pork balls, but like the pork ball a bit more.


A simple, comforting, quite enjoyable meal when you need breakfast in Chinatown.

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Written by Tony Boey on 12 Apr 2021

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