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Yong Xiang Carrot Cake Stall Famous for their Fried Teochew Kueh @ Bendemeer F C


Yong Xiang Carrot Cake serve a unique take on Teochew kueh that I've not seen anywhere else. Love it or loathe it, it's interesting and I recommend that you give it a try when you are at Bendemeer Food Centre.

Stall name: Yong Xiang Carrot Cake

Address: Stall #01-35 Bendemeer Market & Food Centre, 29 Bendemeer Road, Singapore 330029

Hours: 6:00am - 2:00pm (Mon, Weds, Fri off)


Yong Xiang Carrot Cake is one of at least three fried carrot cake stalls at Bendemeer Food Centre. But, Yong Xiang is the only one in Bendemeer, or in fact the only one in the whole of Singapore to fry Teochew kueh the way that they do.


Yong Xiang sells steamed Teochew kueh. Most places will also sear it for you in a pan with hot oil on request. Yong Xiang just up the game a notch by roughly cutting the Teochew kueh up and stir fry them in a pan with eggs like they do with carrot cake. There's the option of adding chili sauce too.

The result is a mess even uglier than char kway teow, which is an achievement in itself. It's a mangled heap like scraps with slight charring here and there. Ugly food is never a problem for me - in fact ugliness is often a sign of potential deliciousness like well caramelised char siew, char kway teow, rojak, satay bee hoon, you get the idea.

So, how does this fried Teochew kueh taste?


Though this was my third meal this morning, I ordered all three types of Teochew kueh - soon kueh (yam bean filling), png kueh (glutinous rice filling) and my favourite ku chai kueh (chive filling).

As you can see, the skin was rather thick. I think this is necessary as thin skin will not hold up to vigorous stir frying, simply falling apart making a greater mess.


The thick kueh skin was tender and spongy-chewy. The fillings have similar but different soft texture.

The flavours were a blend of savoury sweet with eggy taste. The fillings add their own flavours. My favourite is Chinese chive or ku chai.

Yong Xiang also fry carrot cake the conventional way which is very popular too - I shall be back to try that soon.


What do I think? 🤔 This concoction is heavy on carbs and grease but not quite tasty enough to make me turn a blind eye to overloading on sugar and cholesterol.

But, you should try it at least once and maybe you'll get addicted 😄 The long queue at the stall tells me there are many fried png kueh addicts 😂


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Written by Tony Boey on 11 Apr 2021

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