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MadASS @ Raffles Place Change Alley • Menu & Food Review • Rebel Against Unhealthy Fast Food


You know, in the heart of the busy Central Business District, it is a challenge to get an affordable quick bite. So, we often ended up with BFF - not best friends forever but unhealthy Big Fast Food. 

A new little eatery, MadASS just launched a Gourmet Social Movement - a rebellion against unhealthy fast food. Launched by the folks behind Mad About Sucre, MadASS stands for Mad About Sucre Social. It serves tasty, healthy meals at affordable plus prices in Change Alley Mall, the iconic core of Singapore's CBD.

Restaurant name: MadASS

Address: 01-11, Change Alley Mall, 30 Raffles Place, 048622 (inside Chevron House)

Tel: 8764 9818

Hours: 11:00am - 9:00pm (Sat & Sun off)


Today's Change Alley, so neat and pretty, so different from the "chaotic" Change Alley which I wandered around as a teenager.


Inside MadASS, simple, casual ambiance, no frills decor and furnishing, but comfortable and welcoming. There's a cocktail bar manned by veteran mixologist Dante and also "al fresco" seating outside.

From the seats outside, we can literally watch the world go by as the global workforce of one of Asia's top financial hubs walk by.


The food menu of MadASS has the same eclectic, kooky quirkiness I associate with their elder sibling Mad About Sucre at Teo Hong Road (Outram Park MRT station). And, they have the same commitment to deliciousness but relying only on fresh, natural ingredients - no preservatives, additives and artificial flavours.


Sautéed assorted mushrooms (price $15++) flavoured with Spanish garlic and greased with butter. I am a mushroom lover as I like its spongy texture, earthy natural umami taste and ability to absorb / infuse the flavours of sauces, oils, and other ingredients it is cooked with.

Cauliflower, miso, premium nuts (pistachio, hazelnut, macadamia), sourdough crumb topping, cucumber (price $15++).


Numbing spicy crispy chicken (price $11++). Chunks of chicken marinated with buttermilk, fried to a golden brown crisp and topped with mala paste. Options for "normal" and "extra spicy". Go for extra spicy if you like the mala kick as "normal" is a little mild for most Singaporeans.


Crispy tortilla with grilled grade A4 wagyu beef (price $24++). What more is there to say about sweet, savoury good grade wagyu.... as the tender juicy beef speaks for itself.


Grilled wild caught prawns, wild grains, seasonal vegetables, onsen egg (price $21.90++).

This is a customisable bowl where customers choose the mains (wagyu beef, barramundi, pulled Iberico pork, prawn, grilled turmeric chicken, baked tofu steak) and base (wild grains, cauliflower rice, quinoa, salad, and chilled soba ).

A word for the sweet umami flavour of the wild sea crustacean grilled to perfection and beautifully executed onsen egg.


Hand picked crab meat pasta with aglio olio sauce spiked with mild spicy heat from cut chili (price $19++).


MadASS has cocktails, wines, beers, kombucha, coffee, tea and other drinks.


Makan kaki had a cocktail (but I didn't pay attention to what it was).


I had a house brewed beetroot kombucha.


Once again, food by Mad About Sucre and now MadASS is easier to enjoy than for me to put in words. In the dishes, there's Spanish, Thai, Chinese, Italian, French, local, whatever influences. Already said they are from Mad whaaat.... .

We enjoyed the interesting blend of flavours of MadASS' innovative dishes, appreciate the convenience of the CBD location and like the comfortable though compact dining space. Service is quick and friendly too.

I got to go back to try more dishes and also their cakes.

The old Change Alley, so full of kooky quirky shops where I fed my curiosity. But, the more I fed my senses, the hungrier I got in the riot of colours at Change Alley. The old "Chin Charlie" my non English speaking dad used to call it was long gone but I still have MadASS to feed my curious palate. (Image courtesy of National Archives of Singapore.)

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Written by Tony Boey on 3 Oct 2021

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