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Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng · Soulful Chicken Noodle Soup in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Stumbled upon Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng while on my way to a meet up. When travelling I like to walk and see where it takes me. Like the late Anthony Bourdain once said, you can't really see a city from the window of a taxi (or something to that effect).

Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng is a hyperlocal kind of place with few, if any foreigners.

The view from my corner perch. There were a few sections in the restaurant and everywhere here was full house this Monday morning.

Action at the cooking station was frenetic.

The menu on the wall. The Vietnamese staff and I couldn't understand each other, so I just pointed to the Dong 65k item 🤭

She said something I couldn't understand, so I smiled and nodded my head 😂

Lady came back with this. Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng is a chicken noodle soup place.

First things first was to taste the chicken soup. It was delicious 😋 Savoury sweet, rich with nice smooth round viscous body from dissolved collagen.

(On a side note, I am not really a fan of French mirepoix [vegetable] type of soup which is sometimes used as the base for pho, etc. It's the bone stock type of soup here at Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng which I prefer.)

Make hay while the sun shine.

Don't take too long taking photos 🤭

I love the aromatic greens and beansprouts that come with Vietnamese / Mekong cuisine. They can be eaten as a salad but if you like them blanched, you bury them in the soup while it is still steamy hot.

These snowy white rice noodles were just marvellous.

Medium width, slightly thick, slurpy smooth, a bit sweet with the taste of rice, but was balanced with the savoury sweetness from the chicken soup clinging to the soft white strands.


I was served the default breast slices but it was tender, and had the sweetness of fresh chicken 👍


Hot chili pepper enhances the taste of the chicken noodle soup for me but I didn't use the sauces much.

After finishing my tasty meal, I roamed around the restaurant (I do that whenever I decided to blog about a place). I realised that we can ask for chicken thigh, if we prefer that.

Love Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng. Highly recommend it to you, if you like eating hyperlocal tasty food with locals.

A lot of "tourist" places charge you Dong 2000 for the wet tissue - local places like Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng don't.


Restaurant name: Phở Miến Gà Kỳ Đồng

Address: 14/5Bis Đ. Kỳ Đồng, Phường 9, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000

Tel: 0283 843 5630

Hours: 5:30am - 10:30pm

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Written by Tony Boey on 6 Mar 2024

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  1. This is the BEST Chicken Pho in the world. I always have 2 bowls when i go HCM. always ordered the chicken backside meat with eggs. Marvellous! Their speciality has also this banana leaves salad with chicken

  2. Best Chicken Dong Fen in HCM. Always have 2 bowls when I am there. They also serve banana leaves chicken salad which is one of their specialities too!


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