Sunday, 13 May 2012

Big Pau 大包 @ Tang Chuan 东泉 in Ayer Hitam, Johor

Tang Chuan is an old established name of over 50 years in freshly made pau (Chinese steamed buns 大包) in Ayer Hitam.

Tang Chuan serves other traditional dim sum too and it is best known for their best selling big pork paus.

Tang Chuan is a popular meeting place for locals as the dim sum here are delicious and reasonably priced. Many Singaporeans also stop over when passing by Ayer Hitam. Other customers take away the famous paus to enjoy at home or in the office.

Mixing the minced fresh pork with marinate

Preparing the dough

Cutting the dough

Filling the dough with fresh marinated pork and egg

Ready for the steamer
Everything is made on location here in the kitchen and everyone in the family chips in. Tang Chuan sells more than a thousand of these paus everyday, so customers can rest assured that all of their paus are freshly made every day.

The soft, fluffy white skin warps the juicy, well marinated minced pork. I find adding a dap of chili sauce makes the pau even more delicious J

I also had a lo mai kai (glutinous rice with chicken) which was tasty.

Whenever I go up north, I will stop over at Ayer Hitam for tim sum breakfast at Tang Chuan.

Restaurant name: Tang Chuan Kopitiam
Address: 763, Jalan Batu Pahat, Ayer Hitam, Johor
GPS: 1.917571,103.179409
Hours: 08:30am to 6:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 7 May 2012


  1. your blog is making me want to migrate to JB!

  2. Actually is small by Malaysian size. The big pau from my home town is the size of a Chinese rice bowl with minced meat, sliced sausage, egg and sliced lean meat. Maybe chicken meat too.
    I'm so so are eating frequently don't eat at home ? Aiya....I'm just being kaypoh. :p

  3. Haha Vien, nice to hear from you again ;D I miss your comments which I always appreciate ;P Haha where is your hometown? I wanna try that big pau there too ;D I eat at home and also eat specifically for this blog. I want to give all good Johor hawker a presence on the internet. Just my personal mission and passion.

  4. Vien, your feedback and suggestions gave me a lot of encouragement when I just started to blog and helped kept me going. Thanks!!

  5. Indeed you are doing a great job and it is getting better and better cos you are blogging beyond JB which has become nightmare place for me ( almost got robbed in daylight ). Now my family can just turned out from the highway instead of stopping for food in those typical rest and relax stops. But too bad you only stop at Johor :P Hopefully you will blog about food in Malacca or even Seremban. Haha.....I'm greedy.

    Read in FB ( ya, I followed you there ) that some lazy blogger used your works. I think this is quite common which has bloggers watermarking their photos. There was this nice German Chinese girl whose photos were used in the menus of PRC's restaurants in Europe. Last I heard she threaten to send lawyers' letters to them . She was so pissed that she put her blog to "private" which is really a shame cos she is so good in her cooking instructions.

    My hometown is same as Wendy ( table for 2 or 3 ). We studied in same school too but I'm much older than her. :P
    Anyway, keep up the good work. I do visit your blog often even though I may not be making comments.

  6. ah... you are from that place with the famous big curry chicken pau or loaf... I love that place too.. been there in 2002 and 2003. Love that pasar and ate the lovely chee cheong fun and yam cake... I am a Cantonese fella... ;P Hometown Singapore...

    I will stick to Johor as I aim to put every good hawker on the internet... even then, it is already alot, alot to cover still....

    Plagarism... just take it in my stride... I am fine with people using my work... just credit the source... instead of claiming that it is their work...

    Keep in touch ;D

  7. Hey2...have you tried out Pau Roslan at Kg. Melayu?
    Their pau kaya is the best (*_*)
    And while you're at it..try the cendol near Giant/Xtra Taman Suria the one beside the surau one.

    p/s - it's 11 am and I'm at work right now..reading your blog..makes me it's your fault I cannot concentrate on work anymore.har3..

    1. LOL I shall try your recommendations ;D happy eating ;P

    2. Thanks sarahsafri. Just tried Pau Roslan. They are tasty and convenient for quick breakfasts or snacks at home.

  8. Hi JK sorry to kacau You.. Great blog here just happy that U update with such good yummy food to others. I join in your blog only recently. Sometimes I do speak up my mind about food, so sorry if I offended you or others :)

    I like the big Pau in Ayer Hitam.. The best were The " Ho Hup Pau " even my friend whom never like Pau. Feel that their Pau are different. Especially hand made.

    There is a small shop selling hand made Pau in Pontian Have you try that. Location :- just next to Pontian JPJ. Well they only sells Pau, If you need a cup of coffee you have to order from stall in front of the shop.

    For me this shop is good enough " Hand made Pau " better then from factory ones. Happy hunting to you :)

    1. Hahaha Pauline you are most welcome ;D OK I shall try Ho Hup Pau the next time I am in Ayer Hitam and the handmade Pau in Pontian. Keep your comments coming ;D

  9. well, i do not know how the 东泉 大包 tasted many years ago, but it does not pass my mark these days. i am a Pau lover and miss the taste of Pau of the 50s and 60s. it is hard to find one which is close. unfortunately , i have not tasted the other 3 shops under your Pau category. for my taste , the 大包 of 云来 of Kulai is far better than 东泉。 give it a try.

    1. OK! Yun Lai is next on my eat list LOL. Maybe you want to try Hock Chiang Hin in downtown JB. It's made in the old way but actually there had been mixed feedback. Many people prefer the newer more dainty style with newer tastes and flavours.

    2. johor kaki, sorry, i miss ur reply until now. i shall try Hock Chiang when i have a chance.

  10. Hi there if you happen go to Batu Pahat again make sure you visit to Ah Kuang Coffee shop (formerly name as fuji coffee shop) taste the chicken sure you will love it.


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