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Pecel Lele @ Kak Long Tomyam in Meldrum Walk, Johor Bahru

Pecel Lele

I needed a quick dinner one evening and as I was in Old Downtown JB, I walked briskly over to Meldrum Walk for a quick bite.

Pecel Lele

Decided to go for Kak Long’s pecel lele or Indonesian style fried catfish with rice.

I was pleasantly surprised that for a reasonable RM6, the chef actually took a large fresh catfish, gutted and cleaned it on the spot, only after I had made my order.

The catfish was then marinated with sauces and curry powder, and deep fried till golden brown.

What would be “normal”, would be pre-cooked catfish – which was what had I expected. So this fresh fish was beyond my expectations J

This is the set of freshly fried catfish smothered with crispy crackles on a banana leaf, and it comes with a generous heap of steamed white rice, tempeh, tofu, vegetables, sambal and a clear soup.

I enjoyed this catfish, as I always do. The tender flesh was sweet and doesn’t have any of that “muddy” taste normally associated with catfish.

The sambal was mild and unremarkable - personally, I much prefer mine to be more robust and extra spicy hot.

If you like pecel lele, Kak Long’s is definitely a very good choice.

Restaurant name: Kak Long Tomyam
Address: Stall in Meldrum Walk in downtown Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.460045,103.764673
Hours: to

Date visited: 29 May 2012

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