Thursday, 24 May 2012

Min Chang Kueh 面煎馃 Apam Balik @ Nam Wee Coffee Shop in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia


I was walking towards Batu Pahat's glutton street when I stumbled upon this humble looking Min Chang Kueh 面煎馃 stall at Nam Wee coffee shop at the junction of Jalan Abu Bakar and Jalan Soga.

As I hurried past, I caught with the corner of my eye, the boss MR Yaw as he tarik (pulled) the flour batter mix vigorously. I love that muffled "plop.. plop.. plop.." sound that apam balik hawkers make when they tarik the batter J

I stopped and watched fascinated as MR Yaw spread the batter mix onto the hot pan, controlling the thickness of the pancake with skill accumulated over 38 passionate years of making countless Min Chang Kueh 面煎馃.

First ingredient added is a tiny sprinkling of sugar.

Next came a generous layer of freshly ground, fried peanuts.

MR Yaw then added a couple of squeezes of his specially blended Planta margarine.

One quick flip and the hot fragrant Min Chang Kueh 面煎馃 is ready J


MR Yaw's Min Chang Kueh is thinner than the thick and soft Singapore variety. It's outer layer is crispy while it is tender inside. It is subtly sweet, crunchy, nutty and tastes slightly salty and greasy from the margarine - an interesting mix of flavours and taste sensations.

We thoroughly enjoyed our snack with coffee and tea right there at the coffee shop. MR Yaw's Min Chang Kueh is best eaten within a couple of hours of cooking to enjoy the crispiness and nuttiness at its best. As no preservatives are used, it should also be eaten within a day.

MR Yaw will make this popular ultra thin version of Min Chang Kueh if you just ask for it - many customers do like it extra skinny.

Throughout the day, there was a constant stream of regular customers taking away MR Yaw's famous Min Chang Kueh. On weekends, MR Yaw will bring his trusty old trishaw which he and his wife had lovingly used when he first began selling Min Chang Kueh years ago. The old trishaw has an additional cooking pan to meet the demands of additional weekend customers.

There are Singaporeans who drive 2 hours to Batu Pahat to satisfy their craving for MR Yaw's Min Chang Kueh - highly recommended J

Restaurant name: No name Min Chang Kueh 面煎馃 stall
Address: Inside Nam Wee Coffee Shop at the junction of Jalan Abu Bakar and Jalan Soga
GPS: 1.852788,102.926906
Hours: 1:00pm until sold out (usually before 5:00pm)

Date visited: 23 May 2012


  1. mmmmmm... I know it as apam balik. in my school days, there was a little a little warung near the row houses along English College that my mom used to get the apam balik from. Unfortunately the rows of houses are now gone and so is the little stall :(

  2. Yes, heritage food is among the precious things we lose to "progress" unless we act to preserve it.


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