Friday, 11 May 2012

Closed: Dine with Hello Kitty @ Sweety House Café in Muar, Johor, Malaysia (Guest Post)

White fluffy cat, small black eyes with a huge pink bow or flower…are you a Hello Kitty fan?!!

Even if you are not, you will be drawn into the magic of this Hello Kitty themed café in Muar!

Trust me, I went to check out this cute café and I was amazed by the interior decor of the café. Just a cute-ness warning: YOU WILL BE SURROUNDED BY PINK AND CUTE-NESS! ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK of being Hello Kitty-fied!

I walked into the café with confidence that I will not be affected by the teeny, girlish Hello Kitty themed café, but I walked out very impressed J I actually liked the kawaii ambiance of the Hello Kitty café! There is something special about the decor of the café that makes you feel very relaxed and at ease.

The people who designed this set up were obviously ardent Hello Kitty fans, and it showed.

The café is big on Hello Kitty’s famous pink bow. This signature bow is everywhere - on the café’s wall paper, main entrance door, cushions, sofa and even toilet mirrors!

There are several settings in which you can choose to dine in; there’s the usual dining table and chairs, there’s the super cute Hello Kitty bow couches, and there’s the Japanese style dining cubicles. The clever use of white curtains and chandeliers added to the coziness and feel of the café.

This café is family and fun friendly as there are baby chairs and board games available for the kids and free wifi too!

While we were dining at the café, groups of girls came in and out of the café, ranging from young teens to young women, all coming in hope of rubbing off some happiness of the famous Hello Kitty! Every customer came equipped with their cameras, you cannot help it but to snap a few happy photos while in this café! 

Food served at the café were also Hello Kitty-fied! The menu here is similar to other contemporary cafés serving cakes, desserts, noodles and rice - quite ordinary - but the utensils, plates and bowls were all Hello Kitty themed. Every dining table have at least one Hello Kitty toy, like a Hello Kitty figurine, a Hello Kitty telephone or a Hello Kitty plush toy. There’s definitely more than enough Hello Kitty in here that would satisfy any Hello Kitty fan J!

So bring along your cameras and enjoy this Hello Kitty wonder café! Oh, this is the only Hello Kitty themed café in the whole of Johor – Hello Kitty fans, don’t miss it when you are in Muar J

Here is a collection of what some other bloggers say about this Hello Kitty theme Café. Click on the pictures to read their lovely posts J

This guest post by my daughter Anita, who has been an ardent Hello Kitty fan soon after her birth :P Anita is a foodie like me - this is her blog.

Restaurant name: Sweety House Café
Address: 9, Jalan Perniagaan 2, Pusat Perniagaan Kenanga, Muar, Johor (near Bank of China Building)
GPS: 2.042380,102.577146
Hours: (Sun to Thurs); (Fri and Sat) – Closed on Tues.
Non Halal

Date visited: 10 May 2012


  1. OMG!!!! Little Bee would sooooooooo love this place. Definitely a place to take my toddler!

  2. LOL my daughter loves this place too. The food is ordinary but we aren't here for the food ;D

    1. Wow, you have a daughter! I agree, its the theme and ambience. Same as the toilet concept cafes.

    2. Yes, she has been asking me to take her here ever since we knew about it ;D

  3. wow! i did not know malaysia has such a cafe! Thought it is more common in taiwan.

    1. Haha, I believe this is the only one in Johor. There may be others in KL and Penang...

    2. wow adorable!!! too sad i was not able to go here when i stayed for a month in Johor last May :( where exactly is this? how many minutes from Johor immigration? (immigration coming from Singapore) thanks so much for this blog post!! :)

    3. Pepperoni, this is in Muar. It's about 2 hour's drive from JB.

  4. Little Bee went berserk in there!!! But boy was it difficult to find that place without asking around!

  5. Haha glad Little Bee had fun. Yes, the shop is a little difficult to locate as it is off the main road. The Bank of China building helps a little and then we gotta ask around from there.

  6. What a cute and lovely cafe, love it :)

  7. But it's non halal.. jz came to snap some pic... huhu...

  8. I miss the memory with friends in this cafe. hehe
    Thanks for linking my blog in this post!!
    Have a nice day =D

  9. You are most welcome Evelyn :)

  10. Hello Tony,

    Over the weekend, I used the GPS location you've posted to try locating Hello Kitty Cafe in Muar.

    But upon reaching Muar, I couldn't locate the cafe. It was a house belonging to somebody else.

    Address of Cafe is: 9, Jalan Perniagaan 2, Pusat Perniagaan Kenanga, Muar, Johor

    But the map on Google says the cafe is along Jalan Dato Haji Hassan.

    Can you confirm? If GPS location was incorrect, can you repost?

    Big Thanks and happy holidays to your family. :)


    1. Let me go check it with the shop. Thanks for pointing out. Appreciate it.

  11. hi, thanks for info, can check and confirm the GPS location correct? Can i walk to there from food street?

  12. GPS is incorrect. Still trying verify.

  13. The interior design in Sweety House Cafe is very similar to Hello Kitty Town Malaysia. Definitely a must-go for Hello Kitty fans.


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