Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Conveyor Belt Sushi @ DON Sushi in Carrefour, Johor Bahru

After our meet up with blogger friends in Kuala Lumpur, we had ambitious plans for a big dinner in Johor Bahru before crossing back to Singapore. But we couldn't resist overeating during our Batu Pahat stopover and had very little room left for any big feasting ;P

So we had a change of plan and had to settle for something less daunting.

We stumbled upon DON sushi in the Carrefour along Jalan Kota Tinggi which was offering 30% discount on their conveyor belt sushi (sushi train) between 3:00pm to 6:00pm on Mondays to Fridays.

We took a quick peek before making up our minds. DON sushi looked spacious and well laid out inside. Though it was relatively quiet at 5:00pm on a Monday, a quick glance showed that there was a decent range of sushi on offer on the conveyor belt. Since we never had conveyor belt sushi in Johor before, we decided to give DON sushi a try.

We were impressed with the attentive service. Once we sat down, more varieties of sushi started appearing on the belt to tempt us. Also, our cups of hot green tea were never empty - a pleasant waiter was regularly making his rounds with a tea pot and topped up our cups whenever it was about quarter full J

Here are the sushi we picked for our already overfilled stomachs. I don't have the names of some of the sushi - readers who know, please help me J. I have included the prices which were before the 30% discount.





Shrimp roe and tuna sushi RM2.50.

Tuna salad maki RM2.50.

Shrimp roe in tofu skin (inari ebiko sushi) RM5.50.

Salmon sushi RM4.50.

Crab (imitation) stick sushi RM4.50.

Crab (imitation) salad (kani salad sushi) RM4.50.

Shrimp (ebi sushi) RM4.50.

I enjoyed Don Sushi's servings but as I have not eaten belt sushi for a long time, I have no benchmark. My companions who frequented conveyor belt sushi outlets regularly felt that Don Sushi's offerings are very similar in taste and quality to those sushi chains commonly found in Malaysia and Singapore shopping malls.

Restaurant name: DON Sushi
Address: Inside Carrefour Shopping Centre, Batu 7½, Jalan Kota Tinggi, Pandan, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.536378,103.785143
Hours: 11:00am to 9:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 25 Jun 2012


  1. Good review!

    Although the restaurant may not have Halal certification, but I doubt that it serves non-Halal foods.

    I've been to Don Sushi quite regularly in the past.

    In short, you might want to re-check and re-confirm the Halal status.

    It does seem simple and trivial, but a little distinction between Halal and non-Halal can cause either a substantial increase or decrease in profit margins for the establishment concerned.

    Keep writing and keep up the good work! Osu!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement ;D Yes, you are right. I will do research and fine tune the Halal / non Halal classifications. Perhaps, include a category for example "No Pork, No Lard". Appreciate the feedback ;D

  2. The third sushi in pics that should call Carlifonia roll if i m not wrong.
    Yes, I tried many sushi buffet and found that DON sushi is one of the most value for money sushi buffet in JB.


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