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Beef from Spain by PROVACUNO in Singapore • Enjoy, It’s from Europe 🐮

I enjoyed some mind blowing delicious beef at the promotional show by PROVACUNO at the Alkaff Mansion on 22nd Apr 2024.

PROVACUNO, the Agro-food Inter-professional Organization of the Spanish Beef Industry, consists of national associations that represent 85% of companies from the production, industrial and commercial sectors of beef in Spain.

Spanish Ambassador to Singapore, Ms. Mercedes Alonso highlighted the top quality of Spanish beef which are produced under European regulations with the highest ethical and sustainability standards. 

Her Excellency also commended the Spanish and Singaporean agencies, and PROVACUNO for securing the green light for Spanish beef imports into Singapore.

Eight Spanish meat producers attended the event:



ROCA 1927






President of Meat Traders Association Singapore (MTAS) Alvin Kwek led 10 Singapore companies to the event.

Several prominent meat and gourmet product shops such as MEAT CO., HUBER’s Butchery, Foodie Market Place, The Butcher’s Dog, etc., supported the event.

In all, over 70 professionals from the Singapore Food and Beverage and meat market, including restaurants, meat importers, distributors, and government authorities such as the head of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in Singapore, Ms. Olga Baniandrés graced the event.

Light rain before night fall brought a welcome cool respite from the ongoing hot and humid spell in Singapore.

Spanish beef exporters met some of Singapore’s most important meat importers to explore Spanish meat products, not only in beef but also lamb / mutton.

Once again the historic Alkaff Mansion provided the fitting backdrop for the grand event, as it did so well last year.

Guests enjoyed the privilege of tasting top quality beef from Spain, personally prepared by renowned Spanish chefs Iván Cerdeño (2 Michelin stars) and Javi Estevez (1 Michelin star).

Amazing ribeye 🥩 tender, juicy, rich with beefy savoury flavour 😋

Top Spanish chefs personally attending to the best Spanish ribeye, I was so lucky to be here! 🕺

This event built on the momentum of last year's success by PROVACUNO and Europe to promote European quality food in Singapore, under the campaign “Enjoy, It’s from Europe”.

They say the test of the pudding is in eating. It is the same with beef, and this Spanish ribeye was simply incredible.

Grand finale of the evening, flame grilled tenderloin wrapped in herbs and spices.

The focus of chef Javi Estevez (1 Michelin star) was awe inspiring to watch.

The tenderloin is ready when the inside temperature reads 40°C.

Looking at that juicy warm tenderloin made me hungry again 😋 🤤 

Truly blew my mind with its rich warm flavourful beefy juices and soft tender meat.

Congratulations to the Spanish embassy. Oficina Económica y Comercial Embajada de España en Singapur, and PROVACUNO for another successful event.

Singapore importers enjoyed the wonderful Spanish beef and together with Spanish exporters explored potential business 🐮

This was the second beef promotion event hosted at UNA @ Alkaff Mansion by PROVACUNO, after the first one celebrated last 14th November 2023

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Written by Tony Boey on 30 Apr 2024


  1. Harvey Cheong1 May 2024 at 10:24

    they really should provide a list of where to get it from. don't think i have seen it at foodie market place yet, but perhaps i am wrong...

  2. Will like to know which restaurants would be carrying European meats from henceforth


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