Saturday, 1 December 2012

Christmas Cupcakes at Sienna Patisserie (Online Cake Shop) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Handmade choir boys by Sienna Patisserie
I was so in love with the Sienna Patisserie's pretty cupcakes that I asked Sienna for a chance to photograph her making her beautiful creations. Sienna graciously invited us over as she was making her Christmas themed cupcakes.
These were some of the Christmas themed cupcakes Sienna made during our visit.


Making these cute and sweet creations takes a lot of concentration, patience and skill, not to mention, an artistic flair and steady hands.

Looking at the amount of effort and time Sienna put into each handcrafted cupcake, I realised that the price of RM2.80 for a baby cupcake is really very reasonable.
We met Sienna's sister in law, Yuki who is an award winning chef. Yuki graciously made us an exquisite salad which we enjoyed every much :) Thanks Yuki, it was an honour to meet you :)

Sienna Patisserie cupcakes come in this beautiful, highly presentable gift box.

More beautiful cupcakes made by Sienna.

If you want these cheerful pretty cupcakes for Christmas, call Sienna at +60197771570 to order :)

Restaurant name: Sienna Patisserie (online bakeshop)

Contact: Sienna at +60197771570


  1. The cupcakes look delicious but I hope the young lady keeps her hair from falling over the cakes.

  2. nice cakes ,pretty pastry chef

  3. Their cupcakes look simple and elegance!

  4. Professional chefs at hotels and famous bakeries have their hair away from their faces. This is the number one rule.


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