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Dim Sum at Hao Yu in Taman Johor Jaya (near Jusco Tebrau) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia 豪友点心楼

Dim Sum Johor

My friend Sally Wong suggested in Johor Yummy group that I try the dim sum at Hao Yu 豪友 in Taman Johor Jaya. "You will not regret it" she said. 

Actually, Sally didn't say Hao Yu, she only said "dim sum at Bakawali 91".

Anyway, I went to Jalan Bakawali 91 in Taman Johor Jaya, confident that my food hunting instincts will take me to the right dim sum joint. Well, it wasn't hard at all as Hao You was overflowing with customers on a Thursday morning.

Dim Sum Johor

Hao Yu 豪友 has been serving dim sum for 23 years now, and the second generation MR Cheng is running the shop with the founder in support, in the background.

Dim Sum Johor

The staff were friendly and cheerful even though the pace was frenetic.

We picked a nice table along the side walk where I can get good natural light for photo taking and randomly ordered some dim sum for tasting. A rotund Indonesian lady came to take our orders. I stumbled and sputtered with my mangled Mandarin while kak rattled off in impeccable Mandarin, the names of a dozen dim sum in rapid fire. 

I surrendered and told kak that I will go to the front and order by the most primitive and fool proof method, by pointing :P

So here were what we pointed to :P

Tau Sah Pau Johor

This humble tau sah pau was outstanding. When we tear apart the bouncy soft skin, the molten red bean paste glistened in the morning rays, and then the aroma of melted red beans infiltrated the brain's pleasure centres through the nasal cavities. 

Ignore, the pretentious poetic description, this tau sah pau is shiok lah.

Char Siew Pau

Nice char siew pau. Well marinated and juicy char siew wrapped in soft and fluffy pillow-like skin.

Fried and braised chicken feet Johor

I love Hao Yu's braised fried chicken feet. The feet were tender and had good mouth feel while the braising sauce was savoury with just the right balance of sweetness and saltiness. Average chicken feet tend to be overly salty but not at Hao Yu. The braising sauce was so good, I actually drank it :) 

I love this.

Dim Sum Johor

Minced chicken wrapped in fried tofu skin and then steamed together with braising sauce. By now, I realised that one of the "secrets" of Hao Yu's tasty dim sum is in their savoury braising sauce :)

Dim Sum Johor

Chili stuffed with fish cake but it was almost all fish cake. This looked like someone wearing an undersized red top. I prefer my chili pepper full sized :P 

Dim Sum Johor

Shrimp dumpling, not exquisite but certainly good enough. Shrimp was fresh and skin had just the right bite.

Congee Johor

Seeing how popular Hao Yu's congee was among the customers at the kopitiam, we ordered a pork and century egg congee to try. It was good though not much different from other good dim sum places.

It was really funny. In the middle of enjoying our dim sum, a lady and her mum walked up to us and asked "Are you Tony?" It was Sally! LOL that was our first meeting as we have never met before other than on Facebook. Well Sally, I was a pleasure to meet you and I sure didn't regret coming to Bakawali 91 on a Thursday morning. In fact, I need to say a big thank you to you for suggesting to me another good food find :)

Dim Sum Johor

Restaurant name: Kedai Makanan Hao Yu 豪友点心楼
Address: Corner kopitiam at the junction of Jalan Bakawali 91 and Bakawali 76, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.539644,103.796424
Hours: 6:00am to 4:00pm (Closed on Sunday)

Non Halal

Date visited: 29 Nov 2012

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  1. wow! I've never seen red bean buns like that! It's like a chocolate lava cake!

  2. I teach nearby, hahaha! U shud c d queue 4 d red bean buns....whoaaaaa, come early hv to wait 4 seats, come late no more porridge!

  3. Strongly recommend their tou sah pao! is the best i ever ate b4!

  4. Cheap, RM2.60 each but taste is so-so only. 2 person ate until full only RM24.50 (including drinks).

  5. I live in Taman Johor Jaya and I used to eat dim sum here every Sunday when I am not working. But sadly they changed their off day from Tuesday to Sunday so I don't get a chance to taste the dim sum anymore. Now I have my dim sum fix at Gui Yuan.

    By the way, just around the corner to Gui Yuan, there is a newly established dim sum restaurant called "大四喜". You might want to have a try but don't go on Sundays because there will be huge crowds.

    1. Thank you for your suggestion :)

  6. Try last sat.
    sad to say only the tao sa bau and cha siew bau is good. Tim sum not much variety and so so only. Gim Cheng better choice than Hao Yu.

  7. Revisit, 2nd try, because on the way to Sarawak market, and this time I was early to catch all the fresh tim sum, one simple SG phrase to describe the food experience, "Can't make it" !

    This time every tim sum tasted the same ! Really swear that I will go there again.

    If I ever met Sally Wong, I will definitely seek her opionion for this lousy recommendation.

    1. Thanks bekool66 for your contribution. We all agree and do accept wholeheartedly that tastebuds and preferences differ. Wish you happy reading and happy eating :)

  8. You can't take negative comments that I have posted. It shows that you are a petty person. You did good by posting a lot interesting food place in Johor but your narrow minded attitude will not bring you far. Enough said, you will not see me posting comments again.

  9. Hi Tony,

    First off, thanks for sharing and posting what is available in JB - much appreciated and hope you continue to do so.

    I had the chance this morning to check this place out and I have to agree with @bekool66 that the taste + quality is mediocre. The only saving grace for the meal were the buns (savoury and sweet alike). Personally, I wouldn't recommend anything else but the buns.


  10. Just came across this comment by bekoo166. Just because JK didn't agree with your negative comments makes him petty and narrow minded?? It's quite clear to me who's the petty one here :-) Must commend JK for being gracious and cool headed in the face of such provocative words.

    My friend tried the dim sum at Hao Yu last week and found it very average nia.

    1. Thank you. Please share with us your recommendations so that we can try it too :D


I share hoping that everyone will have a good time but your experience may differ from mine. I love to know how you enjoyed yourself or if you didn't.

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