Thursday, 21 February 2013

Vietnamese Coffee at Tehko Cafe in Danga City Mall, Johor Bahru


My JB foodie friend, Joe, has been telling me about this Vietnamese coffee in Danga City Mall for some time. Yesterday, three of us finally managed to meet here at Tehko Cafe at the ground floor of Danga City Mall for this Vietnamese coffee.

I really have to thank Joe for recommending this Vietnamese coffee, as I told Joe and Kumes, there is just no way I could have spotted this coffee on my own without a recommendation.


Tehko Cafe is your usual small shop selling a variety of Western and local cafe dishes like fried chicken, fries and nasi lemak, and there was no sign or banner indicating that it is serving Vietnamese coffee.

When we arrived at Tehko Cafe, I was initially a little skeptical whether we had come to the right place.

Sure enough, when we asked the staff whether they served Vietnamese coffee, they replied in the affirmative.


Then when the coffee arrived in these signature Vietnamese drip filter contraptions, we knew we were at the right place.

As the water still needed to drip through the ground coffee in the upper canister, I had some time to take a few pictures.

When the water finally all dripped through after a few minutes, we lifted the canister and a whiff of fragrant hot steam greeted our noses. The pleasing aroma primed our senses for the satisfying cuppa we were about to savour. 


As we ordered "kopi", the coffee came with condensed milk at the bottom inside the cup. As we stirred the coffee and milk with a small disposable plastic teaspoon, more alluring fragrance and aroma ascended from the cup of coffee.

The coffee had a not-too-thick, smooth body, having been mixed with condensed milk. It still had a robust flavour that gave me a caffeine kick, especially at the first few sips. I liked it. In fact, we liked it so much that we had a second round of coffee as soon as we finished the first.


At RM2.50 a cup, it was at a sizable premium over the usual kopitiam kopi. Still, personally, I feel it was well worth the extra for its unique, captivating flavour.


I am curious about the story behind this Vietnamese coffee but did not have the opportunity to ask anyone, yesterday. The filter canister was engraved with the Dagan Rengit logo but when I went to Dagan Rengit coffee's website, Tehko Cafe is not listed among the Rengit coffee outlets. I need to go back to find out more :) and also for that strong coffee black which I wanted to try.

Kopi fans, if you are in Danga City mall or passing nearby, and needed a coffee break, stop by at Tehko Cafe for a Vietnamese coffee. Drivers will be happy to note that Danga City Mall provides ample, free covered and open parking.


Restaurant name: Tehko Cafe
Address: G38-40, Ground Floor, Danga City Mall, off Jalan Tun Razak
GPS: 1.473861,103.755354
Hours: 10:00am to 7:00pm

Date visited: 20 Feb 2013

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  1. Do they use authentic Vietnamese coffee to brew their coffee?


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