Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ayam Penyet at Banafee Cafe in Johor Bahru


Every time I asked friends and Johor Kaki readers to recommend ayam penyet stalls in JB, Banafee café is always among the favourites mentioned. So, I made a trip there to check it out today.


Restaurant name: Banafee Café (not Banafee Village nearby which is run by the same owner)
Address: Jalan Datuk Abdullah Tahir (directly opposite New York Hotel)
GPS: 1.478586,103.760929 / 1°28'42.9"N 103°45'39.3"E 
Hours: 3:00pm to 3:00am

Johor-Ayam-Penyet- Banafee-Cafe

When you step into Banafee Café, which is like a small food court, the ayam penyet stall is the first one facing the main road. Banafee Café is a popular place among locals for inexpensive meals.


Just after opening for the day's business at 3:00pm, the orders pile in for the ayam penyet.


At the ayam penyet stall are piles of plump pre-cooked chicken leg which will be deep fried briefly before serving. Those legs' succulence are clear to the eye. 


Muzafir, one of the Indonesian staff, busy at the hot wok.


Banafee's ayam penyet set with rice and soup costs RM8.50. The little red tub at the right contains water for hand washing. The best way to enjoy ayam penyet is with our fingers.


Banafee's ayam penyet is moist and tender, and it's flesh and juices are sweet. I love the moist and soft golden brown skin. Complement this with the sharp spicy and tangy sambal chili with lime, and we have an ayam penyet that is among JB's best. 


The rice was just average as were the tempeh, fried toufu and vegetables.


The savoury, peppery soup is worth highlighting.

->> Banafee's ayam penyet really kick butts but this place won't be winning any prizes for cleanliness or ambiance. It is ok for me but don't say I never warn you :P If your preference is for tender juicy ayam penyet with a slight crisp outside, I recommend Banafee café.

Date visited: 26 Oct 2013

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