Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Johor Tomahawk Steak at Lazio Italian Restaurant and Bar

When Stanley, Lazio's Executive Chef invited me to try his Tomahawk steak, I took a double take. What's that lethal weapon? Well, when I saw Stanley with that huge cut of rib-eye, Tomahawk is a very apt description indeed :) Tomahawk is that fearsome Apache Indian battle axe. That Tomahawk steak should send chills down the spine of cholesterol and calorie fearing mortals :P


Restaurant name: Lazio Italian Restaurant and Bar
Address: Danga Bay, Jalan Skudai, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.475931, 103.723533
Hours: 12:00noon to 1:00am daily. Closing time 2:00am on Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert


Stanley let us ogle at this well marbled Aussie Wagyu rib-eye with bone-in before he started working on it. This over sized baby weighs in at 2.11kg which is five times the size of the average steak :P


Makan kaki Jennifer looking demure with the whopping (raw) Tomahawk, ready to do battle with the steak later. She was more amused than intimidated by the size :)


The thick slab of sizzling Aussie Wagyu Rib-eye seared and flame grilled before Stanley takes it to bake in the oven.


The Tomahawk is ready! The lusciously succulent flesh encased in a charred caramelised crust.


See how thick that Tomahawk is? It's nearly 3 inches.


Overawed by it's size, we all gladly let the staff help us cut up the humongous steak while we salivated and waited gleefully.


Our Tomahawk steak done medium rare is enough to satisfy four adults, with some to spare.


Four of us shared the Tomahawk, so this was my first slice of steak for the evening. Juicy, tender, with lovely marbling and a smoky, light charred caramelised layer outside.

The steak was served with three kinds of sauces. I liked the garlic sauce and couldn't remember the other two :P Actually, I like my steak best without spreading on additional sauces. I like to taste the beefiness and natural juices on my tongue without the interference of sauces.

What sent me over the edge was the fat, glorious fat. It was oh, oh, oh so good! It was a heavenly fusion of sweet, smoky, savoury softness with the flavourful light warm juices flooding the mouth when we bite into and burst the fat. 


Jennifer who was previously in the F & B industry knows her beef, and so she had the last word in finishing off the Tomahawk. Easy peasy for Jennifer :D

Stanley made some pasta for us to go with our Tomahawk. Lovely as they were, these were overshadowed by the obsession inducing Tomahawk steak :P


Pesto di funghi (pasta spinach basil linguine) Rm22.80++.


Aragosta (pasta fettuccine) Rm49.90++.


Capesante (pasta squid ink fettuccine) 42.80++.


I asked Stanley which wine would pair well with the Tomahawk. After a moment's thought, Stanley recommended this. hmmm... why am I thinking that this might not be a totally unbiased suggestion :P

When you feel your special occasion deserves more than the usual steak, what about the flamboyant indulgence of a Tomahawk Wagyu Rib-eye Steak? At the moment in Johor, only Lazio serves it. 

Lazio's Tomahawk Wagyu Ribeye Steak is available by special order only. Call Stanley at +6014-3399908 one week in advance and arrange for 50% deposit.

Date visited: 23 Apr 2013 

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  1. hei , are your steak halal ?


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