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Fishball Story 鱼缘 Bib Gourmand Awards 2016 Michelin Guide Singapore


Wow. See!

This colourful bowl of fishball noodles looks very pretty to me ;-D

I have been wanting to visit Fishball Story 鱼缘 at Golden Mile Food Centre in Singapore for a long time and finally made it today with my makan buddies.


Fishball Story 鱼缘 is the baby of Douglas who runs the little stall with Ah Chew. A "baby" because Fishball Story is not yet a year old (opened in Apr 2014), yet the little stall already has quite a presence in social media and traditional media.


What sets Douglas' Fishball Story apart is his handmade fishballs. Handmade fishball (or handmade anything) stalls are rare in Singapore. Douglas' Fishball Story is one of the only handful. Most stalls in Singapore use generic factory supplied fishballs (cheaper, faster, but "cannot make it" as they say in Singapore).


By taking the less travelled handmade route, Douglas has to be at his stall at 5:00am everyday to make the fishballs and be ready to serve customers at 9:00am. Kudos to Douglas for staying true to tradition, even when there are way easier ways out.


My always cheeky friend Tony Tee asked Douglas to demonstrate how bouncy are his fishballs.

The fishball did bounced but not like a ping pong ball.

This is a good sign that the fishball was not bulked up with starch. Only "fish" balls made with starch bounce like ping pongs. Douglas confirmed that he uses only yellowtail fish meat to make his fishballs according to his grandma's recipe and method.


Our fishball noodles at SGD3.50 a set with soup. 

Each bowl has 4 handmade fishballs, fishcake slices and a fish dumpling 鱼饺. As these are handmade, I feel Douglas is really giving us good value.


I had a mee pok tah (flat egg noodles with sauce), my favourite way of eating fishball noodles.


The mee pok noodles were cooked soft al dente, more to the soft side. After tossing, the noodles were well coated with the savoury, salty, spicy sauce. The noodles were slick and slightly drippy with the lard and sauce. Dried prawns (hae bee) and chili in the sambal gave the noodles it's robust savoury and mildly spicy flavours.


The noodles appeal especially to people who like assertive flavours. Patrick was slurping up the noodles with gusto.

"Awesome" he said.

Personally, my own tastebuds are tuned to gentler, milder, more delicate flavours. Old already, have mellowed down a lot ;-p


Douglas' famed handmade fishballs.

The handmade fishballs were natural greyish colour, unevenly shaped, pitted on the outside and pockmarked (to me this is way prettier than factory fake "fish" balls that are perfectly round, smooth, bleached till snowy white and glossy).

Made with 100% yellowtail fish meat and seasoned with only salt, the good sized fishballs were dense and had a nice bouncy bite.


The fishballs tasted slightly salty. We can taste the real fish flavour beneath the saltiness when we pay attention.

Patrick's jaws about to crush and devour yet another fishball.


The fishcake slice speckled with bits of chili and scallion. This is rare in Singapore, especially the handmade variety.


The noodles come with a small bowl of clear broth made with water which had earlier been used to soak the fishballs. Chopped preserved turnip (chye poh 菜脯) is added to the "fishball water" and boiled to make the broth which was light bodied and salty.


Douglas tossed a few of these crunchy freshly fried golden nuggets of pork crackle into the noodles. I love these much ;-D


Douglas' Fishball Story stall is located on the bright upper floor of the Golden Mile Food Centre (at the back corner). Note: Fishball Story has moved to Timbre+.


Golden Mile Food Centre is a busy, food hub with many old stalls as well as new start ups like Douglas' Fishball Story. At the upper levels of GMFC, there is the well known "Army market" where people (NS boys) get their Army clothing supplies.


Pay Fishball Story a visit to taste one of Singapore's best fishball noodles stalls.

Restaurant name: Fishball Story 鱼缘
Address: Golden Mile Food Centre, #01-85, 505 Beach Road, Singapore Timbre+, 73A Ayer Rajar Crescent, 139957
GPS (Timbre+): 1.297027, 103.787442 | 1°17'49.3"N 103°47'14.8"E
Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 9 Feb 2015

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  1. next time i pass by, i must go try :D

    1. yes yes, hope it suits your taste bud :-D

  2. Overrated. Not nice, the fishball taste normal. Noodles were not bad, but quite stingy with the ingredients.


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