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Fendi Roti Canai in Johor Bahru, Taman Cempaka

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Recently, Johor Bahru social media is abuzz with talk about Fendi Roti Canai thanks to tip offs by fellow foodies Jeff Tan, Kia Su Tan Tan and Neu Tea.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Fendi Roti Canai is a typical street side warung (stall) in Taman Cempaka in Johor Bahru. The stall is located right in front of Flat Cempaka 5.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

The warung is spacious, bright, clean and airy inside. In the morning, it is cool and very comfortable.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

The friendly boss En. Fendi has been selling roti canai for over 25 years. Many customers have been eating Fendi's roti canai since they were children.

(I thought En. Fendi looked a bit like Singapore soccer legend Fandi Ahmad ;-p  ).

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Fendi is assisted by En. Tom.

After much spinning and twirling, the stretched homemade greased dough is skilfully folded and dropped into a bundle like a balloon sculpture.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Fascinating balloon sculpture.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

The stretched dough is allowed to rest for a few minutes before frying.


Sizzling roti canai on the well greased flat cast iron griddle.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Freshly made Roti Canai Kosong or plain bread.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Fluffy, crispy outside with slight browning and darker char freckles. The inside is moist and tender. (Not rubbery or chewy.)

Fendi's roti are on the slightly greasy side but not by too much.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Roti Canai Bawang or onion bread.

I like it that the onion is sliced, not chopped, so I am able to taste the sweetness and juicy crunch of the onion slices along with the crispy roti canai.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

The dipping gravy was mildly spicy sweet and comes with a dollop of spicy sambal chilli for added kick. Not much body but it's tasty and makes a good dip for the crispy and soft roti canai.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Like most warungs, Fendi Roti Canai also sells traditional Malay cakes, snacks and nasi lemak in little packets.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Cannot resist this old style nasi lemak packed in a banana leaf.

For 2 x roti kosong, 1 x roti telur, 1 x roti bawang, 1 x nasi lemak, and 2 x teh, the total bill was RM8.40.

This is one of my favourite breakfast places in Johor Bahru now.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Fendi Roti Canai (at Flat 5 Cempaka) is just across the road from Surau Al-maghfirah.

Fendi-Roti-Canai-Johor Bahru-Taman-Cempaka

Look out also for the large water tank beside Flat Cempaka 5 along Jalan Persiaran Teratai.

->> Enjoy friendly, delicious and comfortable street side dining at Fendi. Chill with crispy roti canai, nasi lemak in banana leaf, and traditional Malay snacks and desserts over teh terik.

Restaurant name: Fendi Roti Canai (since 1990)
Address: Jalan Persiaran Teratai (at Flat Cempaka 5), Taman Cempaka, Johor Bahru
GPS1.517482, 103.699513 / 1°31'02.9"N 103°41'58.2"E
Hours: 6:30am to 12:00 noon.


Date visited: 6 Apr 2015

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  1. Tmpat ni hari2 wajib pergi sebb roti dia garing hari2 full tmpatt duduk xde

  2. If u late around 8.30am .. u will not allow to 'tapau' the roti larhh. Having the roti there bcoz too many order from nearest people around here. But honestly this is the best roti canai in this town.


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