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Kam Long Fish Head Curry Johor Bahru 亚福街金龙阿仔咖喱鱼头


Today, I came to Kam Long Restaurant in Johor Bahru old town 亚福街金龙阿仔咖喱鱼头 with a group of makan kakis (foodie buddies). We were checking out makan places in JB old town which are 5 to 10 minutes walk from JB CIQ or City Square Mall.

Kam Long's curry fish head has consistently been getting positive reviews from customers. Though Kam Long's curry fish head (click to see my first post) was one of the places that first got me hooked on blogging about JB food, I have not been back since 2011 as I was busy tracking down new interesting food places in JB.

I am so glad that I came back to Kam Long with friends today.

Actually not much has changed, starting from the fresh fish.

oh gosh... this ikan merah (red snapper 紅鯛魚) head was so fresh it looked alive!


The curry fish head ready for serving before it was buried under a blanket of fried bean curd skin.


Do get an extra order of this fried bean curd skin when you are here. They do a wonderful job of soaking up the delicious curry without losing all their crispiness.

Our large curry fish head costs RM44

ok... we desecrated the beautiful dish by roughly yanking up the fish head buried beneath the curry and fried bean curd skin so that we can get a clear shot of the head and eye before we start eating. (The fish heads are halved through the centre.)

Needless to say, the fish meat was nicely tender and sweet tasting. The tomatoes, cabbage, long beans, and lady's fingers were cooked just right - retaining their fresh crunchiness.

But it was the curry that wowed me. It's an unusual balance of savouriness, sweetness and mild spiciness, all in exactly the right amounts that worked perfectly for me. Kam Long's curry also had just the right amount of coconut milk and was not overly oily.

I happily volunteered to drink up all the curry broth without being invited and it left me wondering what went into the curry that made it taste and smell so good to me.

It actually left me hungry and thirsting for more.


Kam Long's founder Ah Chye 阿仔 runs the restaurant with his son Dennis. 阿仔 founded Kam Long restaurant 30 years ago.


Dennis was doing the cooking at the restaurant today.


The space inside Kam Long is long and narrow, and choked full with tables and chairs. It is always full and there is a queue outside most of the time.

Inside, it is clean and quite cool, thanks to the large cooler fan placed at the entrance. We felt comfortable inside while the sun blazed outside.


The large pots of that inexplicably delicious curry are made fresh at the restaurant.

I sometimes lament that standards have dropped when I revisit a restaurant. But at Kam Long, I felt that I liked it even more when I came back a second time.

Darned... is this what they called "addicted"?.


If you like, you can "packet" Kam Long's curry fish head to eat at home. They will pack the curry broth and the fish head plus vegetables separately.

->> Perhaps, the definitive Chinese style curry fish head. Uber fresh red snapper fish in an inexplicably delicious sweet spicy savoury curry broth.

Restaurant name: Kam Long Restaurant 亚福街金龙阿仔咖喱鱼头

Address: 74, Jalan Wong Ah Fook, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
GPS: 1.459152, 103.764870 / 1°27'33.0"N 103°45'53.5"E
Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm
Tel: Ah Chye 阿仔 +6016-752 8382

Non Halal

Dates visited: 4 May 2015

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