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Rockin' Diner Singapore Club Street JK1136

Restaurant name: The Rockin' Diner (formerly The Mustard Incident)
Address: 11 Club Street, Singapore 069405
GPS1.281615, 103.845533
Hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight (last order for food at 10:30pm), closed on Sundays
Tel: 6223 3647
Non Halal


I feel good just walking down this free spirited street, in purportedly uptight, straight laced Singapore.


The Rockin' Diner occupies 2 pre-War shop lots in this prime watering hole in Singapore's Central Business District. Music, laughter and banter overflowed onto the streets outside.


Inside Rockin' Diner, it's simply laid out and furnished, but it has everything you need for a rockin' good time.


The bar is a strategic perch to people watch.


If you think you've met this sexy lady before, you probably did. In it's past life, The Rockin' Diner was The Mustard Incident, a popular hot dog kiosk at Tangs Basement, Orchard Road.


Owner Kelly Koh was smitten by American style food - hefty, meaty and robustly flavoured - while living in San Francisco and Hawaii.

The flavours at Rockin' Diner are bold and made me feel I needed lots of sloshy liquid to flush it down. The West Coast style hot dogs were so robustly flavoured, it makes the New York City dirty water dogs taste, well....., watered down. Fortunately, Rockin' Diner stocks a good range of beers and ciders to wash the sodium off your tongue and mouth before they get pickled.

I exaggerate lah... good excuse to drink more beer.... you get the idea... ;-p

Rockin' Diner serves a wide range of Americana staples from burgers to sandwiches and hot dogs.


Thick cut Bacon Fries SGD12.99 and Spam Fries SGD9.90. Served with tangy aioli sauce.


Philadelphia Cheese Steak SGD15.99.

Steak cut in strips blanketed with caramelised onion, sautéed chilli pepper and 3 types of melty cheeses sandwiched between ciabatta bread.


Foie Gras Hot Dog. 

Single pork sausage topped with foie gras and dressed with purple mustard.


Beanless Chili Sauce SGD7.99. 

This same chili (American style, not the spicy hot kind) is used in several of Rockin' Diner's other dishes.


Little Italy’s Killa’ Lasagna SGD15.99.

Topped with beanless chilli sauce and smothered with melted cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.


The Frankenstein is a half beef, half pork beast SGD11.99. The half cut wieners topped with beanless chilli, Hawt sauce and caramelised onions.


If there is anything more American than apple pie, it could be this Reeses Peanut Butter Oreo Pie.


Nutella-misu SGD6.99.


Need a place to drink beer and food to work up a thirst at wallet friendly prices in Singapore's CBD? Rockin' Diner could be the place for you.

Disclosure: As this is a media invite, the food is not reviewed.

Date visited: 16 Apr 2015

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