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Teochew Porridge Come and Eat Restaurant Johor Bahru JK1128 吃又来潮州粥


Today, I came to Come and Eat restaurant with a group of makan kakis (foodie buddies). I love the old school Teochew porridge here and wanted my friends to enjoy it too. Since it's a Thursday, I also wanted to eat their famous assam fish which I missed so much (available only on Thursdays).

Come and Eat restaurant at the old 3-storey flats 三楼 at Stulang Laut haven't changed much, if at all, since my last visit in 2012. Same friendly place for affordable casual dining filled with regulars.

Come and Eat serves a wide variety of freshly cooked vegetables, tofu, fish, duck and pork dishes to go with simple watery white porridge, the Teochew way. It's affordable Teochew comfort food that is delicious, comforting and satisfying. Most of the familiar staple dishes are available daily but there is always something different depending on what's available at the market. Isn't mum's or home cooking like that?


Braised eggs, taupok, taukwa, and pork at Come and Eat. I like it that the braised food here are not overly salty but well balanced between savoury, sweet and the fresh ingredients' natural flavours.


Slab of braised pork belly with seven layers of meat, fat and skin.


Juicy braised duck.


When I come to Come and Eat, their steamed fresh fish is a Must.

The fresh fish are steamed in small batches on a small rattan tray. Every time the boss Mr Lim brings out a tray of freshly steamed fish, customers will jump up from their tables to snap up the fish. All will be gone in a minute or two. So be alert ;-p

This ritual is repeated every 20 minutes until all the fresh fish are sold out.


The fish were very fresh, steamed just right till tender soft without being flaky or mushy. We could taste the natural flavour and sweetness of the fish as no sauce or flavouring are used at all.

Come and Eat's steamed fishes are a Must Try.


Today, we also had Come and Eat's braised duck.

Come and Eat's braised duck was done just right with a good balance of mild savoury, sweet and lovely subtle ducky flavours. It was not a bit too salty - the common fault of average braised ducks. The meat, skin and fat were all tender and juicy. This is one of the best braised ducks around in JB and Singapore. Makan buddy Tony Tee love this so much that he tapau (take away) some home.


We love the savoury sweet taste of this mushy fried pumpkin with dried shrimps (hae bee). Foodie buddy Uncle Martin love it so much that he also tapau (take away) some home.

During the drive to Come and Eat, I was raving non stop about their signature assam fish which is available only on Thursdays.

Everyone's expectation was sky high but I am confident that they will be impressed.

Picture from my first visit to Come & Eat in 2012

Sadly, assam fish was not available today (even though it was a Thursday) as there was no supply of the required fresh fish in the market today, sob sob ;-(

This just means that I have to come again to Come and Eat ;-D


I'll be back at Come and Eat, especially on a Thursday to catch another taste of that marvellous assam fish together with the other delicious dishes here.

Here is my previous post from my first visit to Come and Eat in 2012.

->> Definitely a good place to come and eat a hearty home style traditional Teochew porridge dinner. So many good things here - braised duck, steamed fish, asam fish, home style vegetable dishes and more.  

(Important note: Occasionally, there is no asam fish due to supply issues. Do check their Facebook updates here <- click.)

Restaurant name: Restoran Come & Eat 吃又来潮州粥
Address: 34-2-A, Jalan Stulang Darat (shop lot at foot of 3-storey flats facing the highway), Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.47285, 103.77829 / 1°28'22.3"N 103°46'41.8"E
Hours: 4:00pm to 8:00pm (closed on Monday) 

Non Halal  

Date visited: 1 Mar 2012, 14 May 2015

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  1. Annoying that u kept repeating the restaurant name (come and eat) in your every sentence. The, their or it should suffice. Nice pictures though.


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