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Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Singapore 威南记鸡饭 JK1225

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Wee Nam Kee 威南记 is a famous name in Singapore chicken rice. I was a regular at Wee Nam Kee's old Novena Ville branch (now moved to nearby United Square). Partly because my KL friends, whenever they come down to Singapore will say "see you at Wee Nam Kee". I will always just go along as we have never been disappointed.

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Today, I am at Wee Nam Kee's Marina Square outlet for the first time. Oops, when visiting Wee Nam Kee during lunch, be prepared to queue a while for a table :-D

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Thanks to Tony Tee's arrangement, today we had the chance to meet up with Mr Wee Liang Lian, the friendly second generation owner of Wee Nam Kee. Friends address him simply as the "young Mr Wee" and his dad, the founder who started Wee Nam Kee in 1989 as the "old Mr Wee" :-D

We had all the three different types of chicken available at Wee Nam Kee ("white", soy sauce, and fried).

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

The "white" poached chicken served in large pieces with bone on. My favourite style of chicken. (I like those old school cockerel plates and bowls 公雞碗 :-D ).

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

The chicken had everything I look for in a good chicken rice. Tender, juicy meat with smooth skin and a thin layer of jelly (congealed fat) in between. Subtle chicken flavour in the juicy flesh. Yums. (The chicken is splashed with a savoury sweet watery sauce but I like to eat my chicken neat :-D )

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Chicken poached in a soy based sauce.

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Same tender, juicy chicken with a bit of gentle but deeper savouriness from the soy sauce.

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

The fried chicken is poached and then fried, so it is tender with a slightly crisp skin.

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Looking at the tables around us, fried seemed to the most popular style with the customers. (The fried chicken is often referred to as "roast chicken".)

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

The rice at Wee Nam Kee is spot on for me. Aromatic, flavoursome, not overly greasy, the quality long grain rice is tender, nutty and not overly starchy. It separates easily into loose grains - liap liap 粒粒 as we say in Hokkien. Swee 美 - perfect as we say, also in Hokkien.

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Lovely savoury, gently spicy grated ginger dip. The chili dip was tangy with a sharp hot chilli sting. Among the best condiments in the industry but I didn't use them much as I like to eat my chicken and rice neat.

Wee-Nam Kee-Chicken-Rice-Singapore-威南记鸡饭

Chicken innards side dish - obligatory for oldies like me ;-p Simply boiled and dressed with a savoury sweet watery sauce. I like the textures (grainy liver, bouncy crunchy gizzard) and unique flavour that only chicken innards have.

If you are visiting Singapore, a taste of Singapore style chicken rice is a Must. Wee Nam Kee is one of the standard bearers of good chicken rice in Singapore.


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If you leave this sunny island without having a Singapore chicken rice meal, you ought to regret it :-D

I am serious.

Restaurant name: Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice 威南记鸡饭

Address6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square #04-102B, Marina Square, Singapore 039594 (other outlets at United Square, Gluttons Bay at Esplanade, i12 Katong)
GPS: 1.291413, 103.858568
Hours 10:30am - 09:30pm
Tel: 6333 9830

Non Halal

Date visited: 24 Aug 2015

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