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Wild Boar Meat in Johor Bahru Ulu Tiram Seng Huat JK1206


I am often asked, especially by Singapore readers about where to get wild game meat in Johor.


One recommendation is the wild boar soup at Seng Huat kopitiam in Ulu Tiram.


I first came to Seng Huat (last year) thanks to the Militia Riders Motorcycle Club (Malaysia) during our food trail on super bikes. I love the wild boar soup after that first tasting :-D


Wild boar soup is available only on Sundays at Seng Huat kopitiam. Starts serving at around 7:30 and usually sold out by 11:00am.


Some people are attracted to wild boar soup because of the novelty of game meat. Others are intimidated that it is game meat :-D  As for me, I like thrills ;-D


Actually, the wild boar soup here at Seng Huat has a very familiar taste.

The broth is very similar to mildly spicy, peppery pork tripe soup 豬肚湯, just slightly more body from the melted collagen. And so, it tasted better that way, to me ;-p


The wild boar shank meat in the soup has almost no fat, so it's like lean farmed pork meat. The meat is cooked till tender though not mushy soft. There was no gamey taste and it was not much different in flavour from fresh farmed pork. (I wish I could say it tasted interestingly different .... .)


The boar skin is bouncier and springier than domesticated pork, so it is more interesting.

It is fun (for me) to combine a stop over at Seng Huat in Ulu Tiram for wild boar soup on the way to Kiang Kee near Kota Tinggi for bak kut teh (with farm pigs) :-D

Are you game?

->> Try this if you have an adventurous palate.


Restaurant name: Wild Boar Soup stall in Seng Huat Kopitiam
Address: Jalan Gereja, Ulu Tiram, Johor (opposite SRK Tiram school)
GPS: 1.599043,103.819706
Hours: 7:30am to 11:00am (available only on Sunday)
Non Halal

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Dates visited: 25 Mar 2014, 2 Aug 2015

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  1. Went there around 9.30am and alas, it was already sold out!

    1. so early? used to go there around 9:30.....

  2. Today, 0853 sold out! Habis!! Thankfully my friends n I tried it


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