Friday, 4 November 2016

"Find Dining with Johor Kaki" Book Signing at Anson House Singapore on 5 Nov 2016 Sat 2pm - 4pm


I have received many requests from readers in Singapore about holding a book signing in Singapore. Thanks to support from sponsors UMLand and MAGistrate, we are holding a book signing tomorrow 5 Nov Saturday from 2pm to 4pm at the UMLand Gallery at Anson House in Singapore. It is near to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station.


We have held four book signing sessions in Johor Bahru since the Find Dining with Johor Kaki book was launched on 14 Oct 2016. We have distributed about 1,500 books so far.

The book is provided free of charge as a gift in honour of the hawkers of Johor. This book is a humble tribute to the 1000s of hawkers who toiled year in, year out serving the community with good food.


The 150 page full colour book featuring 100 street hawkers and heritage food in Johor Bahru took one year to produce with the generous support of UMLand and MAGistrate. UMLand sponsored the printing costs and MAGistrate provided the artwork, design, Chinese translation and editorial support.

The 100 street hawkers were curated over a four year period. Over this period, I personally tasted the food at over 1500 stalls and eateries throughout Johor. Many of the stalls are recommended by Johor readers, others are gleaned from Johor foodie community discussions, and the rest are my own stumble upons when I walked the streets and alleys of Johor. I am grateful for all the tips and leads from Johoreans which made this book possible.


The 100 featured stalls cover the cross section of Johor food. It reflects the diversity of Johor communities and it's melting pot of cultures.


Both Halal and non Halal food stalls are featured in Find Dining with Johor Kaki.


Each featured eatery has a bilingual write-up in English and Chinese. Key details like address, business hours, GPS co-ordinates, telephone numbers are included. There are also maps provided. QR codes are also available for each eatery so that readers can connect to the latest blog post about the stall on Johor Kaki blog. All it takes is a tap of the smartphone.


I hope to meet you personally at the book signing tomorrow 5 Nov 2016 Saturday 2pm - 4pm 😀 Together, we celebrate Johor food.

UMLand Gallery
Anson House
72, Anson Road (Tanjong Pagar MRT)

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