Friday, 16 December 2016

Samyang Korean Spicy Cheese Ramen Instant Noodle


Love these Samyang super spicy instant ramen with cheese. They are delicious and real life savers when I need something to eat in a hurry but am too lazy to cook or get out of the house. No. Sometimes, I actually eat this because I like it's yummay taste 😋


The package is in Korean, so I don't really know what is the actual name of these noodles. I just call it "Samyang spicy instant ramen with cheese" 😂


Inside the packet, there's a large noodle block, a sachet of spicy sauce and another of cheese, sesame seeds and seasoning powder.


The spicy sauce and cheese, sesame seeds, seasoning powder out of the sachets.


I can't read Korean 😭 so I have to guess what the instructions are about.

👉 Cook the noodles in 600ml of boiling water for 5 minutes
👉 Drain and pour in the spicy sauce while stirring the noodles in low heat
👉 Add in cheese, sesame seeds, seasoning powder after turning off the heat.

Let's eat 🍴


My plate of red spicy noodles after 5+ minutes of cooking. There is a slight cheese aroma when I held the plate of noodles to my nose 😃


The quite thick and heavy noodles were tender and have a nice spongy bounce to the bite. I can't really taste the noodles' clean light flavour as the taste of the cheese and spicy sauce were strong 😂


The spicy savoury flavour of the sauce resembled the Korean style chili sauce that I've tasted in Korean restaurants. I like the strong, robust spicy savoury well balanced blend with a sprinkle of aromatic sesame seeds 😋 The fiery chili has a sharp sting but it doesn't linger long, so the burning sensation goes away quickly enough 😆


👉 I like this Samyang spicy instant ramen with cheese a lot and crave for it sometimes 😋 Great noodle texture, strong well balanced spicy savoury cheese flavour, and the spicy sauce has a feisty kick. Love it.


I am giving Samyang's Spicy Cheese Ramen a score of 7/10 based on Johor Kaki instant noodles rating system 👈 click

These noodles would have earned a higher score if it was less expensive. They cost SGD6.90 for a pack of 4 packets.

Samyang Spicy Cheese Ramen has no Halal certification.

Note: I have no association, whatsoever with Samyang. #notsponsored

Date: 16 Dec 2016 

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  1. I just finished eating this noodle and i can't almost handle it's super spicy taste.kkk... I love the cheesy taste though. Perfect for spicy and cheese lovers. So sad too spicy for my level. 😁


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