Johor Kaki Instant Ramen Noodle Grading System

The principles governing the Johor Kaki standardised instant noodle rating system are fairness and transparency. There are no paid instant ramen noodle reviews.


All rating criteria are clearly laid out and standardised to prevent arbitrary rating.

Johor Kaki grades instant noodles according to noodle texture, noodle taste, broth body, broth flavour, MSG thirst, chemical aftertaste and so on.

Each instant noodle is given a net score which is derived by adding the raw scores together (number of factors).

The scale of scores for each factor is as follows.

1. Authenticity

1    - Close to the original dish
0.5 - Somewhat similar to the original dish in the key aspects
0    - Does not resemble the original dish in any or most ways

2. Noodle Texture

1     - El dente, tender yet springy
0.5  - Some spring
0     - Limp and lifeless or too hard

3. Noodle Taste

1    - Tasty, flavoursome noodles
0.5 - Limited flavour
0    - Tasteless or unappealing taste

4. Broth Flavour

1    - Tasty, flavoursome 
0.5 - Limited flavour
0    - Tasteless or unappealing taste

5. Broth Aroma

1    - Delightful aroma
0.5 - Limited aroma
0    - No or unappealing aroma

6. Broth Body

1    - Good body
0.5 - Limited body
0    - No body, like plain water

7. Ingredients

1    - Premium
0.5 - Limited
0    - None

8. Healthfulness

1    - No MSG thirst, not oily
0.5 - Mild MSG thirst, mild oiliness
0    - Bothersome MSG thirst, too oily, too much preservatives, chemical aftertaste

9. Pricing

1    - Good value
0.5 - Fair pricing
0    - Over priced

10. Ease of preparation

1    - No cooking required (just add hot water)
0.5 - Limited cooking required
0    - Requires some cooking

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